Saturday, October 25, 2008


So, daripada bengong-bengong di weekend ini, mendingan gue kasih rekomendasi sekaligus review kecil-kecilan soal album-album yang gue dengar waktu liburan kemarin, sebagai pengisi ke-basi-an gue gitu. Hehehehe....

"Jack's Mannequin - The Glass Passenger"
Another second album that is not a sophomore-album-is-cursed-because-the-first-one-was-better, I love this album so much, I even wanted to buy it in Singapore, but I forgot to tell the name of the album to i-Chan. Ok, maybe because I am a BIG fan of Jack's Mannequin and waiting for their new album was torture so when the next album is out, I'm getting way too excited!!!
Lead singer Andrew McMahon can craft songs that fill you with emotion. Given Andrew's recent experience with cancer, one would think that this album would be a downer, filled with sadness, but it is instead quite the opposite. Rather then being a record about getting sick, this is a record about getting better, and the songs are filled with strength and hope.
Best tracks from the album: Spinning (this has become my favorite track on the whole record. It reminds me of the old Andrew McMahon and the beat is incredible), The Resolution (an amazing, powerful song that you'll be singing before you even finish the song for the first time) , Annie Use Your Telescope (lyrically, the song is avarage, but musically, amazing!)..
A must have piano-pop-rock-album!

"Matthew Good - Avalanche"
This album is amazing. I mean, amazingly-surprisingly-good. I rarely found an album with a difficult arrangement, with emotionally taunting lyrics. My Favourites include: Weapons (I listened to it for the first time at Queer As Folk USA, a very taunting song about Brian & Justin), In A World Called Catastrophe (it feels as if this song is never going to end... but who said that was a bad thing??), Avalanche (the audio effects on the vocals are haunting.. the music is just magnificent), 21st Century Living (short and sweet), While We Were Hunting Rabbits (interesting title but great song), Bright End Of Nowhere (the simple piano makes this a favorite), Near Fantastica, Song For The Girl (how could you not LOVE this song? it's perfect) and House of Smoke and Mirrors (the acoustic guitar is... simply perfect) This album is fantastic, lyrically, musically and vocally. A must listen!

"Pussycat Dolls - Doll Domination"
A second album from the artificial-uber-pop-burlesque-troupe-and-leather-corset-supporters-group. The album is plain-average, there are nothing new about it, just another urban-pop-dance-RnB album. But, I love them, no matter what. Maybe, because they're sexy-as-hell so my eyes are blinded by that and doesn't care about the quality of the album or the song. *Eye-candy allert!*
There is also the an Deluxe version of the album that consists some other songs from the other Dolls, that in my opinion, not-so-good-songs-that-forced-to-be-included-in-the-album, yuck!
Best tracks for the albums: I Hate This Part (a sad break-up song with a up-tempo-beat & deep-big-voiced-vocal by Nicole), When I Grow Up (a fun and electro-dance-pop-orientated song, with a very shallow lyric, but I love it!), and I'm Done (a beautiful ballad with some nice orchestral arrangement).

The rest of the albums? Nanti lagi deh, Mr. E is feeling a little bit tired. Hehehehhe......



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Hidden Closet said...

udah berapa hari ini saya muter "I hate this part" berulang-ulang terus.
padahal gak lagi patah hati, tapi memang lagunya easy listening bgt :)