Monday, December 22, 2008

Grey's Anatomy group on Facebook

So, for the last couple of days, gue berkutat dengan Facebook melulu. NO! Not addicted to Pet Society or any other application of FB, I'm just uploading some pictures. Heheheh...
Then, I found this group about Grey's Anatomy fan, and basic description-nya ditulis seperti ini:

{You know, for the ♥ hardcore followers.}

...the ones who are almost-serious about the scalpel thing.
...the ones who use Grey's to escape their own pathetic lives.
...the ones who cry when they cry
...the ones who use Meredith's narration as mental therapy
...the ones who wish they were as hardcore as Cristina
...the ones who think surgeons can hear you when you scream at the TV
...the ones who wish someone would look at them like McDreamy looks at Meredith.
...the ones who wish they were as bad-ass as Bailey
...the ones who get a warm, fuzzy feeling when they hear "Cosy in the Rocket."
...the ones who McName their McLives
...the ones who consider a career in medicine despite their lack of science skills
...the ones who frequently exclaim, "Seriously? Seriously!"
...the ones who pause the DVD even though they've seen the episode ten times
...the ones who set their phones to Silent mode
...the ones who plan their Thursdays accordingly

>> See you Thursday nights <<
[click the link to go to the FB group, don't forget to log-on to the FB account, ok?]

If you're a big fan of the TV show, you'll know what it means, seriously....

Mr. E is SO GOING to watch Grey's Anatomy Season 5 episode 9 & 10 tomorrow!!!


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kotakitem said...

i'm so in love with grey's anatomy...