Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 Things about Mr. E (I copied it from Facebook, so what? Sue me!)

a.Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.
b. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.
c. You have to tag the person who tagged you.
d. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

*Ok, people keep tagging me, might as well join them to spread this VIRAL VIRUS.....*

1. There are only a few people that called me Dison. That nick-name is limited for some people only. Ask for permission first!

2. Have a "thing" with POLES, everytime I touch those big-shiny-cold-poles in some public transportation, suddenly I feel "stripper-y"... XD

3. I'm the type of person who get easily touched when saw a movie-or-TV-series that have some chick-flick-moments.

4. I have the tendency to cry when people around me started to cry too... :P

5. I hate hospitals & funeral homes, just can't stand the smell of it and also the teary-eyed people wandering around that two places, it make me feel so sad & depressed... :(

6. 6 things to describe Edison: Sarcastic-Witty-Quirky-Clingy-Moody-Girlish

7. I love to eat noodles in the middle of the night, sometimes I just woke up at night & feel hungry, so I started to cook some noodles, especially "Mie ABC Selera Pedas", YAY!!!!

8. When it comes to sleeping at night, I always try to sleep at least 6 hours.

9. On the weekend, I usually have my beauty sleep (a.k.a waking-up-soooo-effing-late), so, never-ever-called-on-my-cell-or-sending-text-messages to me at Saturday morning, I wake up at 10.00-11.00-or-sometimes-more-than-that. I just need to sleep a little bit more than the usual.

10. I have watched The OC on DVD (Season 1 & 4 only) for I-don't-know-how-many-times-I've-watched-it. So, sue me!

11. Every weekend, I like to "LULURAN", you know, put some body scrubs all over your body. Makes me feel "clean".

12. 3 things that always in my bag: (1) iPod-is-a-must-item-in-the-world, (2) bottled water, (3) candy-gum-mints-sweets. Never leave these things, EVER!

13. I can go to the mall-or-shopping-center-bookstore-or-even-supermarket just to wandering around, alone, not buying anything. I love to see things, those material things can make me happy, even though I'm not buying any of it.

14. I'm enjoying my single-hood to the very last end. I don't care about what people said about me, I love being single.

15. I could spend all my money buying movies-or-TV-Series-on-DVD. Right now, I have approximately 37 movies on DVD that I haven't watch, I'm just like buy-buy-buy-buy, but have no time to watch it.

16. I used to be spoiled, before my father got sick & still have the money to pampered his family, I was a spoiled brat. Not very proud about it, but when I think about it now, phuew! how much I miss being privileged-pampered-and-spoiled. :p

17. I'm not a very good public speaker. Trust me, I'm not!

18. I like Britney Spears for the person, the whole-packaging, not the songs that she sing. She's not a very good singer, she's a very good performer. About her albums, way-too-manufactured-pop-songs, but I can't help that she had some pretty good materials that she can sell.

19. New York is one of the place on earth that I would like to go before I die.

20. Just bought 2 pair of GAP pants, 1 week ago, yay!!

21. Stuck-in-your-head-song-of-the-week: After Hours by We Are Scientist

22. I-just-watch-this-movie-on-DVD-of-the-week: Save Me

23. One of the BIGGEST dream that I have is to open an Music-&-Movie shop, just like CD-DVDs in Aksara Bookstore, the-rare-collectible-ones; OR opening a small shop that sells hats-&-caps, jackets, and ties only, for kids, tweens, teenagers & early-twenties adults

24. My 2009 Resolution are: (1) Get my green card approved *crossing fingers...*, (2) buy myself a laptop, (3) learn how to drive a car (and get myself a driver license too...)

25. Still wondering why on EARTH I had the trouble to write this down, BLAHHH!!!!



Irene Yuan said...

i love we are scientists!

i think if you and i were to meet in real life, we would get along quite well!!


Mr. E. said...

Ms. I...
I just listened to them, and I love it!
But I think, the 2nd album is better than the first.
Really? Seriously? We should meet up? I thought blogger like us (yay! we can call ourselves blogger right?) can only meet virtually?


Irene Yuan said...

if we 'were' to meet up.
*kalau*maksud gw lol.

eh, you're applying for a green card? mo kemana mr.e?

Mr. E. said...

Hahahahahh, ok-ok, I'm sorry, bad English, wrong interpretation...
Green Card? USA lah ya!!!
Iseng-iseng aja kok, lumayan bisa dapet piring cantik...