Monday, March 23, 2009


So, last night, I went to La Piazza, with my mum & my little sister, to watch my younger brother's band performance. When I asked, what his band performed for, he said that, "I don't know, who gives a damn, as long as I'm playing, I don't care what this performance for."
I was like, "What the f*ck???" I mean, for God sake, ask someone, or something. Yup, my brother was being an ignorant, once again.
Apparently, it was for some charity event that his campus hosted.

For your info, the band that performed wasn't my brother's original band, it was his KMK Praise & Worship band. Ok, they performed 3 songs: Heal The World, Rumah Kita and one-Christian-song-that-I-don't-remembered-cause-I-don't-listened-to-them.

The performance was good, maybe because it was for charity & there are no press
ure to impress someone, like judges for some band-competition. *My brother plays the drum, FYI*

From what I can see, my brother got the talent and the willingness to be in a successful band. He is so determined to be BIG in the future. He's been practicing like A LOT, reading-watching-and-learning-in-every-possible-way you can imagine.

Best of luck for my brother
and his yet-to-be-famous-band-named-The SYLLABUS.

Mr. E is rooting for them, even though after listening to their song-which-is-kinda-lame-but-needs-to-be-supported-and-still-needs-A-HELLUVA-of-practice,





-Tess- said...

Eeeehhhh.....main musik itu menyenangkan loh....good luck ya stip...! :D

all d best-EST !

Mr. E. said...

iya, emang menyenangkan...