Friday, March 27, 2009

Tea = Caffein = Wide awake = Kebablasan...

So, last night, I was hanging out with Bee's & Valtje's bff from The Netherlands, Citra (yay! finally) with her boyfriend too, Edwin.

We meet up at Starbucks LaPiazza, the time was almost 22.00, a-little-late-up-meeting, but it was fun. Citra looked so tired and drowsy, I think because she just took an almost 24 hour trip from the Netherlands to Jakarta *which mean includes buses, trains, walking-by-foot & airplanes*, no wonders...

When I met with Citra's boyfriend, dang! He' s like so tall, maybe around 190 cm, 6 feet tall! I have to looked up to him. I haven't got the chance to talk more with both of them, maybe today. Why's today? Bee & Val has planned a trip around Jakarta, from Grand Indonesia to around Kemang or Dharmawangsa, and maybe, I can have some chit-chat with the couple.

But, Citra & Edwin aren't the focus of this posting. The focus is the drink that I order at Starbucks, that leads to wide-awake , that leads to feeling sleepy-drowsy at the bus, that leads to "kebablasan".
What's "kebablasan"???

Pay attention to this.
So, I ordered my Tazo Earl Grey Tea, instead of iced tea, I ordered a hot tea. Now, the stupidity begin, I forgot to take the tea bag out from the mug, causing the tea to be so black-thick-kental-item-a-little-sour-bitter. Yuck!

Black tea contains caffeine, and caffeine can make you wide awake. I was awake until 3 o'clock in the morning! Bummer!

Wide awake at night, until 3 o'clock in the morning makes you lose some quality sleeping time. Losing some quality sleeping makes you feel sleepy-drowsy in the morning. Ugh..

Let's move on to the bus trip that I take to get to the office. Every morning, I have to take Transjakarta Busway to go to my office *that is in the Cideng area*. I take the Pulogadung-Rawabuaya route, so I can stop at the "RS Tarakan" shelter.

OK, I after I sat down in the bus, put my iPod plugs on, I started to take a little nap and apparently it took a little more than a little nap, I got overslept!
I missed my bus shelter.




Thank God, I leave early from home today, so I stil got the time take another bus from "Taman Anggrek" to "Tarakan" shelter. Thank God!

Moral story of today: "Don't drink black tea before you sleep, drink milk instead."


Mr. E feeling so sleepy right now, DAMN YOU TAZO EARL GREY TEA!!!

click here for wikipedia page about black tea,
here for wikipedia page about earl grey tea,
here for info about Starbuck's Tazo Earl Grey Black Tea



-Tess- said...

tessa juga sleepy........
[(-_-)] --> muka bantal

Mr. E. said...

bantal gue ga lo bawa kan????
sayang skali....