Monday, April 13, 2009

Currently Watch-Listen-Read: Reviews of TV Seris-Music-Album-Book for the week

So, these are some of the things that I watched, listen, and read for the last couple of days.

Currently watching:
A British Channel 4's critically-acclaimed drama that follows the angst-ridden lives of its teenage characters. Sets in Bristol, England, these group of teens face issues of race, religion, sexuality, drugs, and eating disorders. The show just finished its 3rd series and on-going to the 4th series.

The show is fresh & totally different from some teenage-American-shows. The show's sixteen and seventeen year old characters actually look that age and lack that 'surprisingly-mature-looking' quality of the stars of the US teen shows.

All the characters are flawed, and we can have the chance to meet real people with real problems ; as compared to some-spoiled-little-brats trying to live millionaire lifestyles (see: Gossip Girl, The OC, 90210). We watch as the teenagers try to get on at college, pursue relationships and try to make their future that little bit less uncertain & maybe not-so-ordinary.

The first generation of Skins characters. From left to right, Cassie Ainsworth, Michelle Richardson, Tony Stonem, Sketch, Anwar Kharral, Sid Jenkins, Chris Miles, Jal Fazer, and Maxxie Oliver.

About the flaws in the characters, each of the member of the group tries to make their own way in the world. Each will succeed only to a certain extent. Although all different, the group are united in their pursuit of the-hedonistic-yet-sometimes-shallow-lifestyle.

Go watch the show, but be careful because the rating of the show is R (Restricted), it contains nudity, drug use, and some violence that not suitable with teenagers under 17.

Yes, Brit series are simply different-yet-sometimes-better-than-the-others,-and-never-disappointing so keep an open mind, and by-the-way, Skins marks the 5th Brit series that I watched, after Mr. Bean, Little Britain, Torchwood & Primeval.

FYI, Skins was Dev Patel's (of Slumdog Millionaire) first TV appearance, and boy, He is good!

click here for the official website.
click here for the wikipedia page

Currently listening:
OMFGG: Original Music From Gossip Girl - No. 1
A compilation of songs from the 1st season of CW's hit-TV-series, Gossip Girl *one-of-my-personal-guilty-pleasure-show*.

The album are compiled by Gossip Girl creators Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz, along with Gossip Girl's music supervisor extraordinaire Alexandra Patsavas, who also the music director for Chuck, The O.C (YAY!!!!), and Grey's Anatomy. This album will take the listener on a musical roller coaster that features such varied genres as indie pop, rock, dance, and straight-up techno.

I don't personally like this album because, almost all of the songs are not the key songs or highlight songs from the show, it rather a compilation of new bands that as being promoted on the show or some NYC's best & brightest bands.

But, I would really like to have some of this songs:
Death Cab For Cutie - The Ice Was Getting Thinner (season finale; Dan & Serena, Chuck & Blair 's wedding dance song)
SoHo Dolls - Stripper (Blair's stripper song)
Sum 41 - With You (Dan & Serena's ending song - Blair Waldorf must Pie!)
The Weepies - All That I Want (Christmas song - Roman Holiday)
OneRepublic - Say & Come Home
Band Of Horses - The General Specific
and much-much-much more to be in the album, but, it's the producers decision, just giving a suggestion. ;P

Track List:
1. The Kills – “Sour Cherry”
2. The Kooks – Do You Wanna”
3. Phantom Planet – “Do The Panic”
4. The Teenagers – “Feeling Better”
5. The Virgins – “One Week Of Danger (Demo Version)”
6. Nadia Oh – “Got Your Number”
7. Crystal Castles – “Crimewave”
8. The Republic Tigers – “Fight Song”
9. Junkie XL – “Cities In Dust”
10. The Ting Tings – “We Started Nothing”
11. Oppenheimer – “Breakfast In NYC”
12. The Pierces – “Three Wishes”
13. Albert Hammond Jr. – “Hard To Live In The City”

The Official Site for OMFGG, the Gossip Girl Soundtrack (Original Music Featured on Gossip Girl)



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