Monday, April 27, 2009

Picture-Of-The-Day: Jason Chan's Art Work - Zombies Attack at The Children's Playground

I just found this picture on the internet. Have a look.

courtesy of Jason Chan

I have a "thing" with zombies. An apocalyptic earth caused by a virus outbreak that infected people and starting to eat other people, and the other people that survived have to find a way to get to other places that is zombie-free-zone. *28-Days-Later-fan-boy....*

Actually, I've seen this picture at my friend's *Bie, yes you Robbie, you-big-WoW-nerd!!!! LOL!!!* notebook. I was fascinated at first, but don't pay that much of attention. But now, I kind of liked this kind of design work, devinart is it?

This picture was drawn by Jason Chan. According to, Jason Chan is an illustrator and concept artist. He studied illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Since high school, he has been involved in numerous RPGs including White Wolf Publishing's popular Vampire the Requium, Mage: the Awakening, and World of Warcraft series. An avid gamer, Jason has had chances to work on numerous video games as a pitch, concept, and promo artist for companies such as BioWare, Sony, and WideLoad. Recently Jason has begun work with Wizards of the Coast on their popular Magic the Gathering series and Tor books doing book covers. Jason Chan now works full time at Massive Black, Inc. in San Francisco.

To see more of his work, click here and here.

Mr. E is having his fanboys-moment.


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