Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quote-of-the-Day: George 'Malley - Grey's Anatomy

A tribute to our beloved George O'Malley whose fate is still unknown until the 6th Season of Grey's Anatomy.
This quote is taken from season 5, episode 23, "Here To The Future".

"Yes, you do. You're just scared to do it. This back and forth is just fear. You've already made the decision. You made it. You made it the second you decided to fight this thing. Just look, look where you started. Look where you are now. I mean, now you're this incredible surgeon, and teacher. You're a doer, remember? You know exactly what you have to do."
-George O'Malley, by T.R. Knight-

Mr. E is can't wait for the new season of Grey's Anatomy!



-Tess- said...

this is so true.
u made a decision, u know deep inside u made it already. U're just scared to take it.

*duh, kok berasa gini yaaa....*

ranson said...

you are right buddy fate of George O'Malley is still unknown ultil season 6 of Grey's Anatomy episodes aired.The sixth season has a tragic turn, with the death of Dr. George O'Malley, who got hit by a bus trying to save a girl's life. I love Grey's Anatomy episodes and will watch it for his fate.