Monday, June 15, 2009

My Project Just Got Postponed...YAY-&-F*CK-At-The-Same-Time!!!?

OK! I'm so pissed right now, but also relieved at the same time.
Why is that, E?

So, I've been working my a** of to finish this effin' project that was given to me. I mean, I work like shit! For almost 2 weeks now, I've been doing overtime; working until 19.00, got home and continue it until 2 o'clock in the morning. Go off to work after that, doing overtime again & the cycle just start all over again.

Maybe some of you wondered why it takes me so long just to complete this project. It because I really have to be careful about it, like really-really hard. This is a very big project so I have to be cautious. Yes, maybe I overthink it way too much, too careful. It takes too long right? I should have work faster. YES! I HAVE TO WORK FASTER! *semangat-semangat!!!*

Gosh! It's crazy! I'm so overwhelmed by this project, I mean, I never worked this hard before. This is a very big project & I feel the pressure starting to eat me up. It scares the shit out of me. What happened if I fail? Thinking of it just makes me feel sick.

So, this Sunday, I started to work again at 3 in the afternoon. I should have worked earlier, but I was so exhausted, I need the extra sleep. At 18.00, I went to the funeral home at Husada Hospital, to pay my respect for my friend's mother that died 2 days before. Got home at 10, start to work again, until now, approximately 2 o'clock. I feel so SLEEPY & BORED!

Suddenly, I have the urge to open my email account, oh, ok, let's open the gmail account, and guess what? I got an email form my supervisor that told me to postponed the project.

"Dear mR. E & Azer *my project manager*,
mohon untuk pengiriman file presentasi baru dan konsep editorial ke ****** ***** ditangguhkan sementara.
Mohon untuk memberitahu kan mengenai penangguhan hal ini ke pihak ******, untuk alasan penagguhan, bisa dikatakan bahwa revisi terakhir dan sample konsep editorial masih harus di finalisasi kembali dan mendapatkan approval dari management.


So why on earth did I have to work now, I can just go to sleep, like right now.
I'm like pissed-off-from-my-head-to-ass-to-toe right now, but on the otherside, I'm happy & relieved too because, I can have more ime to discuss this crazy project with my colleagues. FYI, the project is not finished you know, I'm still making the snapshot of the project, using photoshop. Gosh, even the proposal still need major revision again. HELP!!!!

Mr. E is going to sleep now. Phuew... AT LAST!!!


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Juan said...

Sabar yah Chond, gue bisa ngerasain "burden" nya pas baca Blog lo !
Gue bisa bantu apa yah Chond ? As long as i'm not that hectic yah ! Jangan ragu cuy, lo kasih tyau geu lah, bisa bantu apa ? Okay ?

Semangat chonddd,

bless u !