Friday, June 19, 2009

Song-of-The-Day: Black Coffee - All Saints.

I'm a big fan of William Orbit, and one of his best work *besides Madonna's Ray Of Light" was Black Coffee by now-disbanded-girl-band All Saints.

Here's the video:

So, why this song? I was browsing my iPod, found the song, played it, and suddenly I'm just like drowned to the song, all over again. Love the the techno-electronically-drum-beats-pop-rock-sound.

It was one of my personal favorite video. The special effect was stunning, using the same technology as The Matrix movie, Bullet Time effect. Also, I like the fact that they used dark lighting and colours, setting your mood to the highest & the lowest degree.

Mr. E is having a nostalgic moments.


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Li Xi Da said...

Wow! Lagu dari jaman gw masih SMP dan pake celana kependekan warna biru tua......