Saturday, July 25, 2009

Loathe is a Strong Word, but I REALLY-REALLY Pissed with You...

Gosh, you're such an arrogant, self-absorbent, self-centered, make-everything-complicated, strict, an annoying-drama-queen-esque person.
Get over yourself, please.

What, you think you're so freaking special, smart, talented, drop-dead-gorgeous, people LOVED your work till death, so you can treat people like they're worthless? Ooh, and that look, that disgusted look that you give to people, that's not nice & unthoughtful.

Hey, please take a rain-check, people just hate you!
People freaking loathe you!
You don't have any real friends.
Friendless & fugly, that's you.

The world doesn't revolve around you, take a note to yourself.

And one more thing, if you give me the "I'm-so-much-better-that-you-look" thingy, I'LL POKE YOUR EYES, RUGGED YOUR FACE & KICK YOU IN THE NOSE, I'm sure of it, and you don't want to know get my bad side on you.



Arman said...

wadawww serem amat marah2nya...
sabar.. sabar.. udah weekend nih.. hehehe

Mr. E. said...

@ ArDut *Arman genDyuts*: Lagi kesel aja....kesel...
*tapi ini kesel udah berakhir dr minggu lalu sih, baru sempet posting aja...huehehhe...*
weekend, gue sepertinya ga bisa begitu menikmati deh, secara, SABTU MASUK! Huekssss!!!!

Gogo Caroselle said...

it's been days yes...?
go get yourself some chocolate ice cream, A&W's the best.... menuhin2 endorphin biar ga bete2 :)