Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yoghberry Invasion on MOI

A couple snapshots of Mr. E, invading a fro-yo parlor in Mall Of Indonesia, Yoghberry, that her sister worked as a part-timer.

It was the biggest size that Yoghberry had; blackcurrant-&-original-flavour-in-a-twist; with toppings that-I-don't-even-know-what-my-sister-put *I think there are some longan, mochi, kiwi, etc-etc-etc*.
I actually enjoyed every scoop of it. Yum!

click here for the official website & here for the Facebook page.



Arman said...

wah jadi banyak banget tempat makan yogurt di jakarta ya sekarang... :)

Mr. E. said...

@ Arman: Iya nih, sekarang banyak banget fro-yo parlor. Sampe bingung.
Ada SourSally, J.Cool, Heavenly Blush, Lite & Sassy, Red Mango, Yoghberry & satu lagi, gue lupa apa...hehehhe...
Cuma, mahal! paling murah itu kira2 20rban, dikit & isinya kopong. Haha!

coffeeoriental said...

aku biasa beli yang J.Cool.. soalnya di Palembang cuma ada J.Co. Semacem SourSally, dkk itu belum ada.
Beli juga yang single aja.. hihihi :D