Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pole Dance Doll???? WTF???

Ok, this is just not right. NOT RIGHT. Giving your little girls this dancing-rotating-blinking-lights-with-disco-ball-and-A-STRIPPER-POLE-doll is so WRONG. What the F*CK?
Maybe this is just some Chinese-made-dolls that can be found in some low-cost-stores, but still it's a-no-joke & they actually sell it, somewhere in this world, to little girls.

*courtesy of*

PS: Blame Miley Cyrus, BLAME HER because she started all these frenzy about dancing-stripper-poles.

*courtesy of, Miley Cyrus's performance in Teen Choice Awards 2009 on August 10th*



Arman said...

huahahaha ada2 aja yang jualan boneka... :P

Gogo Caroselle said...

hihihi anakku ga bole maen itu pokoknyaa!

pinkanabiz! said...

aje gile...parah..

agree, we should blame Miley Cyrus...

Mr. E. said...

@ Arman: Ga banget kan, bener2 deh!

@ Gogo: Setuju! Nanti jadi rusak!

@ Pinky: Udah seharusnya! Dasar Miley, pengaruh buruk!

Nisa said...

wakakakkakka kaco banget sih nih boneka! bhahahahha