Wednesday, November 25, 2009

10 Guiltiest Pleasure Things that I've done, lately

So, I'm putting shuffle mode on my iPod, and guess what, there are three songs that was continuously & unexpectedly played in-a-row; Best of You -- Foo Fighters (I've got another confession to make....), Confessions -- Usher (This is my confession....) & Guilty -- Blue (....and I'm guilty...). OK, what's your point Mr. E?
Maybe fate forced me to make a guilty pleasure confessions to people (?_?)

-10 Guiltiest Pleasure Things that I've done, lately-

One. Currently watching Project Runway season 5 on DVD & loving it so much. Looking forward to see the winner.

Two. Caught up on-the-so-called "Vampire Craze". Twilight, True Blood, & Vampire Diaries; or maybe some old-school-bad-ass-classics: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Interview with a Vampire, The Lost Boys, or Bram Stoker's Dracula. DORK. And also, suddenly had the urge to buy New Moon: Official Illustrated Movie Companion. WTF?


Three. Not rooting for Team Edward, Team Jacob, or even Team Bella I'm rooting for Team Emmet & Rosalie. Why? Maybe I'm not seeing them that much; in the movie nor in the books. We want more Emmet's joke & Rosalie's bitchiness! Twilight Saga, DAMN YOU.

*courtesy of [link]*

Four. Re-watched JJ. Abrams's Star Trek on DVD & kind of agree with Ms. Tania. Zachary Quinto's Spock is a wee-bit-hot-in-a-geekish-fan-boys-trekkies-dorkie-way. Yikes.

Five. Eat a lot (I mean A LOT) of cabbage even though I know that it makes me gassy & having a bad stomach ulcer.

Six. Wearing bow tie in every possible occasion. Yes, it makes me look quirky *or just plain crazy...*

*I'm gonna go with crazy...*

Seven. Been doing A LOT of research about Blackberry 8520 Gemini. No comment about this. LOL.

Eight. Impersonating those over-the-top-super-lebay-so-so-t0o-evil-too-good-to-be-true-sinetron-actors/actresses. Personal favorite, Manohara. "Ibyu, Mano ingyin pyulang, Ibyu...". SUCKS. She can't act, like ever.

*Manohara for Anne Avantie, still skinny-younger-not-a-widow-yet-era*

Nine. 3 type of snacks & drinks that's always on my office drawer. Choki-Choki, Chocolatos & Nutrisari. I'm a sucker for sweet things. Beware for diabetes.

Ten. The last, but not the least. Watched an award-winning-1-million-US-Dollar-budget-adult-movie-a.k.a-porn called PIRATES XXX. I scream, laugh, & threw up while watching this outrageously-stupid, mind-numbing, soul-sucking-stupidity, arousal-ish, big-boobs-&-blonde-hair-slutty-bitches-movie. Laughing Out Loud. Yes, it was THAT bad, but again, it was porn, so, whatever. *one-thing-that-was-missing-from-the-movie-was-some-guy-on-guy-action-well-THAT-will-a-major-TURN-THAT-F*CKIN'-OFF-cock-block-some-straight-guys-out-there-LOL!!!*


Have you done something that's soooo guilty but yet it makes you happy & want to do it again. Tell me about it!



Arman said...

EW baru udah keluar ya... gua biasa hari sabtu baru dapet, jadi gak tau bakal dapet yang team apa. gak penting juga sih secara gua bukan fan of twilight. haha.

btw EW jadi twilight mulu cover nya. perasaan baru 2 minggu yang lalu kalo gak salah juga covernya 3 orang twilight itu ya...

ego said...

bener2 demam Toilet Siaga: Nyu Mun ya lo, ed... :D
nice posting, anyhow.. senang bisa tau 'aib2' lo,hahahaha