Thursday, November 5, 2009

Devi& Denis: Wedding Reception [part one: the prep & quickie snaps]

Devi& Denis: Wedding Reception (Part One)
1st of November 2009.
07.oo PM.
Grand Ballroom, The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Mega Kuningan.

Please, enjoy this wedding preparation-ish pictures. Note: Sorry for the quality of the pictures (it looks like it was took by using a cellular phone camera), I made a utterly terrible mistake by setting the ISO on Yatty's camera. I just don't know what's wrong. STUPID.

-Remember! Click the picture for bigger quality-

*Blame this stupid guy with his stupid face for ruining almost all of the pictures. STUPID!!!*

*Grand Ballroom The Ritz Carlton Hotel: lobby, venue preparation & souvenir*

*The wedding rehearsal*

*The Tepai (??? is it the correct writing???) ceremony*

*The groom was kidnaped by the bridesmaids, beware of the bride, girls!*

*Quick snap at the elevator!*

*The bridesmaids: Airline & Natalie*

*The bride & the groomsmen: Mr. E!!!*

*The bridesmaids: Natalie-Vero-Baby...*

*Groomsmen fiesta!!!*

Phuew, part one is over, next post, part two: the hotel room & the reception.


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thanx for the post, son !! gw ada disana !! :(