Monday, November 16, 2009

Emo Boy Slapper 3000...

"Introducing Emo Boy Slapper 3000!
It can bitch-slap any emo even in their most darkest moments to normalness!
It was $99.99, but now, just today it's yours for FREE!
Yes, you heard me right emo boy, FREE!
Slap yourself with it and see the light today! ;-)."

A missplaced comment from my deary-eary-virtual-friend, Ryan [link to his Picture Social page]. Instead putting the comment in my blog at, he put in some other people's blog, A little-little-dumb-but-in-a-good-hilarious-way. Thanks a bunch Ryan, you just make my day. HAHAHA!!!



ego said...

hahahah.. kok kembaran gitu ya, ed sama blognya si Terasi eh, Tracy.... sehati deh kayaknya ya.. :)

Asakura Sena said...

reaksi si blog owner itu gmn ya? shocked I guess :D

Ryan said...

Oops :-|