Wednesday, December 23, 2009

9 Reasons to Have a Smile in My Face. Today.

I had a bad day at work, really-really bad. It's like, I'm so pissed-yet-bored at work, I just want to skip it, go straight home & sleep.

But, I had my time of worst-day-at-work, so, instead of feeling crappy all day, I try to find something positive today, and guess what, I found some of it.

So, here you go.
9 Reasons to Have a Smile in My Face. Today.

Have found a new thing to pass the day, Twitter-ing!

Listening to some 90's songs on my iPod. Steps "The Way You Make Me Feel", Kavana "Thank You", Emilia "Big Big World", and OTT "Story of Love". Lame pop songs, but I love it, so sue me! LOL.

Had Tom-Yum soup with hot rice, fried tempe & guava juice for lunch, even though I ate at almost 1 o'clock, but it was so delicious, so I'm ok with it.

Just eat a triple chocolate cake from Ko Dharma. Yummy-yum. Seriously. The chocolate melts on your mouth.

Went to Pacific Place, attending an special invitation party. Not going to tell you what it is. *secret!*

Found Grey's Anatomy, Season 1, original DVD & it was on 50% discount! Hooray!

*one of the best birthday gift I ever gave to myself, since no one gave me!*

Christmas is in a few days. Going to wear the new shirt that I bought with a tie to church. Looking good makes me happy.

Laughing so hard, like guling-guling-di-lantai-pake-pukul-gigit-bantal-loncat-dari-lantai-2-ketawa because of the Twilight-inspired-porn: This isn't Twilight - The XXX Parody.

It was THAT BAD, I laughed like shit. The cast was hideously-ugly-fat-OMG-bloody-digusting, there was no chemistry between the cast, the sex was just like slam-bang-ah-ah-jerk-yuck-vomit, I mean, everything was just plain trash. MAKSA-BANGET-DOT-COM.

and the last, but not least, Long weekend. No plans at all, just me, Twitter, blogging and some DVD. Yay!

Be happy, be positive. Suicidal mode: off!


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-Tess- said...

great when ure down, u still see the positive side of life :)