Friday, December 25, 2009


Yay! 25th of December!
It's Christmas day!
So, herewith I present:

Starring Mr. E & Santa Claus, BuddyPoke style

*courtesy of BuddyPoke, Facebook application for your-own-customazible-personalized-3D-avatar*
*Bad-Photoshop-work, I know! Desperate & MENTOK...*

In this hard-sometimes-beautiful-yet-difficult-times, please, have some Christmas spirit! Remember, Jesus was born today! *well, not technically today, about 2000 years ago, but you know what I mean..*

Happy holidays & selamat HarPitNas *Hari-Kejepit-Nasional*!
See you at New Year!



JUICE said...

woohoo! merry christmasss :D
mari kita menjadi pengikut Kristus yg setia, aminn! hahahhaha

antonio said...

merry xmas mr E :)

Okit Jr said...

wah.. selamat natal Mr. E...