Sunday, February 7, 2010

28th Wedding Anniversary of Papi & Mami.

So, 7th February 2010.

28th Wedding Anniversary

Daniel Stylites Boen


Mareyke Elisabeth Sorongan

My lovely parents.

I wish my father is still here & be with my mother. She would be so happy & wouldn't be spending so much time missing him, coping & dealing with him gone.

Sometimes, I just can't see her in the eyes because if I do, I'll see it, all the sadness & the pain.
It breaks my heart.
But also, I can see so much love, bigger than anything and I'll be crying my heart out.

She misses him so much.

Maybe, it's just me being being hopelessly romantic, believing that true love really exist and can only be separated by death.

It's true, I guess, look at my parents.

Papi, I miss you.
We miss you.
Happy anniversary.



-Tess- said...

happy anniversary,son's mom & pap
true love does exist :)

Gogo Caroselle said...

he's in a better place dont u think...

you should look her in teh eyes
and take her to a movie,
or sushi,
or do whatever fun things....

distract her...,
she'll be happy...

Arman said...

jadi terharu...

happy anniversary ya...

Agnes said...

Happy anniversary buat tante and om di atas sono ^^