Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quote-of-the-Day: Tom Hansen - (500) Days of Summer

"This is lies.
We are liars.
Think about it.
Why do people buy cards?
It's not because they want to say how they feel.
People buy cards because they can't say they feel or are afraid to.
And we provide the service that let's them off the hook.
You know what?
I say to hell with it.
Let's level with America.
Or at least let them speak for themselves.

-Joseph Gordon Levitt as Tom Hansen-



ego said...

one of my fave movies ever!
tapi gw lbh suka yg si summer bilang, klo ga salah: there is no love. it's just a fantasy!
nice but surreal :)

Anonymous said...

omg, i love that movie. good story, easy to relate to, artistically a tad quirky.. all that, AND that JGL is one smokin' man.