Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ryan's Weekend Rant: The BlackBerry (an e-mail sent to Mr. E)

So, I had quicky chat with Ryan *my-virtual-friend-that-I-met-on-Friendster-the-one-who-got-married-with-a-very-beautiful-Japanese-girl-he-also-have-a-twin-brother-called-Ari* on IM. Nothing's different with him, still HATES his Blackberry Bold, but guess what, he's planning on buying iPhone 3Gs like next week. 
*Blacberry Bold*
 iPhone 3Gs

So now you can STOP hating & loathing your own phone.

Later this night, after the chat, he forced me to check my email and you guys have to see for yourself.

Ryan's Weekend Rant: The BlackBerry.
Top 5 (there are millions, believe me) reasons why I hate this dreaded thing:

1. It is ugly. Look at how they look. Each and every version of FBerry has the EXACT same display! Oh, I mean exact same EVERYTHING! My Bold (yea, bold, it's effing thick!) and Yoko's Javelin IS really the same stuff with different casing! Well mine has poop-er camera.

2. Application-no-go-zone. Look (and laugh) at the applications lol. They're basically text-based with colors here n there lol. I mean seriously, the apps are like 5 bytes (even 1!) In size! Any new apps? NO. Well, once in a blue moon. Any cute or nice looking one? DREAM ON. And its pride and joy, the PoopBerry Messenger, is a broken software lol it needs up to A WEEK just to show friends' picture after update and it takes a century to send a 10kb file. OMFG!

3. Slooo...w. Ever used other phones? They're Speedy Gonzales on dope compared to this dead turtle. Now who's idea was it to release something that has to be reset, sorry, I mean BATTERY PULL each and every day just to maintain the smoothness of operation? And try opening a website in the background while trying to move around the menus or icons. It's a laugh. And when you reset this brick it will take 3 years to get back to the main menu lol, seriously it's mind boggling. And that watch animation thingy lol, say hi to your new friend, berry munchers!

4. "Limited" edition for each edition. Everything is so limited! Can't download big files (lol for internet-based thingy), can't view basic flash animations on web (lol, again), can't read most basic video/audio/document formats, and many MANY more idiotic stuff. Not to mention limited internet browser (geez, some pages can't even be viewed lol).

5. Generally over-rated
. It's so sickening to see how people drool about how magical this thing is. IT'S NOT! People always say "Oooh, it has push technology", well sorry to pop your bubble, it's been around for YEARS! Try doing it with iPhone for example, it has push. Use unlimited plan and you'll see how sad the stale berry is. Or "I use it for e-mail", lol others can do too! The only difference is that BlahBerry can do it pre-paid lol. Others even do it better than SuckBerry! E-mail, messengers, all those and MORE! Sigh, can't seem to be out of words but hey, it's just a rant, I don't even know if you're reading all this texts anyway. So, if you like it then good for you. If not then you deserve a trophy. Have a nice weekend! ;-)
[sent to my Yahoo! mail & used WITHOUT permission]

Oh, poor Ryan, you're such a hateful person. -_-'
Just throw it away & get yourself a new phone!
*I'll catch it if want to throw it away...LOL!!!*
BTW, what a very good rant! 
I really-really-really like it! 
This shows how b*tchy you are.

Ryan's Picture Social page [link]
Go check his photography pictures, they're awesome.[link]



Asakura Sena said...

tadinya gw niat pgn beli BB juga tapi abis baca rant from ryan, kayaknya batal ah :))

ijin copas link rantnya buat di twit ya Mr. errrr I mean mister dison :D

mister dison said...

@ ASena: hahahahha! batalkan saja! batalkan!
silahkan dicopas, jgn lupa promosi blog saya ya....