Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week-of-Meh-ness: A Mr. E Recap

So, yes, this week was kind of meh to me.
I mean, FAK! Lots of awful things happened to me at this particular week. It started from Monday, 15th of February 2010, the day after Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day until Saturday, the weekend.
I knew that something bad will happened, but I never expected it to be very annoying.

First, my Pioneer in-earphone, SE-CL20U-X-S.


Fak! I just bought that sh*t last December, for my own birthday present. Right now, I can only hear the left one, the right? Completely off. No sound. I really don't know what I did.
You know what, it was Rp. 250.000,- and I bought it from Best Denki.

Maybe I should bring it to some electrician & try to fix it first before I buy a new one?

Second. Traffic on Monday is still f*cked up & the busway Transjakarta didn't help, at all. Yes, I'm late again for 27 minutes because I have to wait for the bus in Juanda/Pecenongan shelter. As for the days after, it's worse than ever.
The amount of minutes of my-late-arrival-in-the-office for 1 week:
Monday: 27 minutes
Tuesday: 10 minutes
Wednesday: 1 hour
Thursday: 1 hour & 18 minutes *WTF???*
Friday: 48 minutes
Saturday: 31 minutes
So, no wonder I got the notification letter a.k.a surat peringatan. Haha.

Third. From Monday to Tuesday, the internet connection on my office was disconnected from BizNet. There was something wrong with the IP address or something & the IT guy was on his vacation & his assistant, well, didn't know what to do. And, he didn't call his superior. I mean come on! Do we have to call him for you? Lazy-f*cker!
I'm practically powerless at that time because my job is relying on the internet, so if it's off, I'm like cengo-mode-on. *blog instead lah!*
So, I did some of my work at home. *sigh*
How devoted I am to my job. -_-'

. I had an interview 2 weeks ago, at Metrox. They told me if I made it to their short list of candidates, they'll contact me, but until the end of this week, NONE. I guess, I failed the interview & SO NOT getting that job. *I applied for a Personal Assistant job*

. Since the-infamous-Pioneer-in-earphone is still broken, I have to buy a new one. It's some unknown-Japanese-brand-in-earphone with the price Rp. 123.000,-. The quality is so-so, but it's ok lah, I just need to plug it in my ears & hear some songs from my iPod.
If I want some good quality earphones, I have to have around Rp. 300.000 something to buy it.

Sixth. My BII MC2 credit card bill is Rp 300.000 something-something! Apparently, I have to pay Rp. 150.000,- for the annual fee. Haiya!

Card_BII_MC_resize.jpg BII_MC image by budidenpasar

Seventh. Watched The Wolfman [link] in Blitz Megaplex Mall of Indonesia.

The movie sucked. I mean the script was bad, the lines was cheesy & the actors was underused. It was pretty awful. I mean, come on, you got a whole bunch of good actors (Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins & Emily Blunt), but where's the drama? I need some blood-bath-excruciating-drama-queens-with-memorable-scenes-or-some-heart-wrenching-dialogues.
What I get from the movie? None. Just some stupid village people & gypsies, doing stupid things, hunting in the dark, running from the wolf-man, got killed. Lots of growling, blood splatter, decapitated heads or hands, but none of it was memorable. Only the moody-dark-fairly-depressing-cinematography & the costumes that was pretty good.

The last, but not the least, number eight on the list.
Since the weather is still very bad. It can be very hot in the morning, but raining -like-thunderstorms at the afternoon, I got the FLU.
Yes, the sore throat, the sneezing, the coughing, the blocked nose & queasy-feeling, all-in.
I hate being sick.
So, now, instead of blogging, go to sleep, get some rest, and drink lots of fluids *medicines & vitamins also*.

Ah, you finally come to the end of my week-of-meh-ness. It was MEH, like seriously.
Let's just hope, next week will better.

Mr. E, you're annoying. Stop with the complain thingy. Suck it up!



Arman said...

1. tentang earphone, emangnya ipod nya gak sekalian ada earphone nya ya? maklum gak punya ipod... haha.

2. tentang busway, berarti lu jalan dari rumahnya kurang pagi! :P

3. tentang annual fee cc, coba lu ancem aja cc nya bilang lu mau tutup aja. ntar juga pasti diilangin tuh annual fee nya.

4. tentang kena flu, moga2 cepet sembuh ya!

Woro Pradono said...

Ed, u go buy Sennheiser laahh, di cuma <200rb kok. Kualitas ga diragukan lagi. :D

@Arman. earphone bawaan iPod gue rusak dalam waktu seminggu. dan beli asli iPod harganya 300 something. Very lame. :))