Saturday, March 13, 2010

American Idol Season 9: Top 12 Finalist [SPOILER ALERT...]


After months searching & seeing those excruciating-yet-awesomely bad auditions; got stuck with Hollywood-week-drama-filled-with-cat-fights-&-mental-breakdowns; and the wait for the judges to pick the top 24 semi-finalist, the time has come to the real competition of American Idol, the Top 12 Finalists are finally revelead.

I personally don't really agree with America's pick for this season, I mean, first of all, almost of the contestant are Caucasian, the other 2 are African-American . I don't mean to be a racist of anything but, seriously, what just happened? They voted off Ashley Rodgriguez, Joe Nunoz, Haeley Vaughn, Michelle Delamor, Jermaine Sellers & John Park. Latin-American, African-American & Korean-American, all of them were voted off. I know, maybe they didn't get screen time as much as the others so America decided to keep contestant with the most screen time, even though their voice are just meh-so-so.

The second thing, last Thursday was one of the most shocking elimination. They f*cking eliminated Alex Lambert & Lilly Scott and keep Tim Urban & Katie Stevens for the Top 12. COME ON! Tim Urban can't sing, I mean, he's cute & all that, but his voice is MEH-BIG-TIME. Katie Stevens? Because of her video about their dementia grandmother. Popularity kills talent, big time.

So, despite all that, I'm still going to present you, American Idol Season 9, Top 12 Finalists.

*Up: Tim Urban, Siobhan Magnus, Lee Dewyze, Michael Lynche, Paige Miles, Andrew Garcia, Didi Benami & Lacey Brown.
Down: Aaron Kelly, Crystal Bowersox, Casey James & Katie Setevens.
courtesy of JustJared*

Here are some desktop wallpapers of the 12 finalists from the official website, [link], click the pictures below for bigger quality. Enjoy! 

*Aaron Kelly - April 2, 1993 - 16 y/o - Sonestown, Pennsylvania [link]*
*Andrew Garcia - October 8, 1985 - 24 y/o - Moreno Valley, California [link]*

*Casey James - January 1, 1983 - 27 y/o - Fort Worth, Texas [link]*
*Crystal Bowersox - August 4, 1985 - 24 y/o - Elliston, Ohio [link]*

*Didi Benami - October 25, 1986 - 23 y/o - Hollywood, California [link]*
*Katie Stevens - December 8, 1992 - 17 y/o - Middlebury, Connecticut [link]*

*Lacey Brown - August 13, 1985 - 24 y/o - Amarillo, Texas [link]*
*Lee Dewyze - April 2, 1986 - 23 y/o - Mount Prospect, Illinois [link]*

*Michael Lynche - May 31, 1983 - 26 y/o - St. Petersburg, Florida [link]*
*Paige Miles - September 26, 1985 - 24 y/o - Naples, Florida [link]*

*Siobhan Magnus - March 15, 1990 - 20 y/o - Cape Cod, Massachusetts [link]*
*Tim Urban - May 1, 1989 - 20 y/o - Duncanville, Texas [link]*

Personality & popularity won over talent, that's American Idol. Yet, I still watch it & admitting that I'm addicted to it. *sigh*

Goodbye to Alex Lambert & Lily Scott, you guys almost made it.

PS. I'm rooting for Lee Dewyze or Crystal Bowersox for the next American Idol, or it could be Siobhan Magnus or Michael Lynche, who knows?


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