Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Food-Fest-Fiesta: Pizza e Birra - Plaza Indonesia Extension, December 12th 2009

12 December 2009,  
mister dison & some friends (Robbie, Daesy & Maria), went out to Plaza Indonesia to get some dinner. This trip was not planned at all. I was sleeping that night when they called & all of a sudden, they arrived at my home. Thank you guys for picking me up.
So, after almost an hour just to find a parking space in Plaza Indonesia, we went straight to this pizza-beer-place called Pizza e Birra. Robbie was so excited. Since it was very crowded & we really-really wanted to try that particular restaurant, we have to wait, for almost 2 hours, like seriously.

-Pizza e Birra-

Imagine that mouth watering “fresh from the oven” Pizza pies! Wait… don’t stop there! Order that with a nice cold beer from our extensive range of beer brands. And there you have it, folks… A wonderful simple feeling! Pizza & beer time with family, friends, colleagues, or just hanging out by yourself at the bar listening to cool music and exchanging the latest gossips.

Introducing PIZZA e BIRRA, a new fun casual dining concept serving innovative gourmet pizza creations and popular classic comfort food. Here, we commit ourselves to serve you unique and one of a kind mouth-watering Pizza with a twist, inspired by the classic traditional, Italian and non-Italian, old and new pizza pies in affordable price that is definitely friendly to your pocket. From breakfast pizza, thin-crust Italian pizza, to our sublime dessert pizza, Pizza e Birra has a wide-range selection of delicious gourmet pizza that is guaranteed to satisfy your five senses.

At PIZZA e BIRRA, you will also find an exciting beer selection that will provide a perfect companion to your everyday thirst from the afternoon, after office hours, and until nighttime. With our relaxed fun atmosphere in an airy warehouse space, you’ll surely feel that you are somewhere far away from the hectic city life.

Why don’t you come and experience PIZZA e BIRRA yourself, where Pizza, Beer, and Fun are our main obsessions!
visit us online at:

Plaza Indonesia Extension
5th Floor, Unit E 22
Jl. MH Thamrin
Jakarta, Indonesia

Operational Hours
11 AM- 11 PM ( Sunday - Thursday )
11 AM - 1 AM ( Friday - Saturday & Eve of Public Holidays )
*taken from their official website, courtesy of Ismaya group, [link]*

*menu for the beer & cutlery wrap*

*Bond Pizza Bond with ham & nachos: Rp. 49.000,-
Classic Original Chili Fries: Rp. 33.000,-*
*Texas BBQ Pizza: Rp. 49.000,-*

*Maria & Dae*

*Dae & Bie*

*Spagetti Aglio Olio + Turkish Meatball: Rp. 29.000,- + Rp. 20.000,-*

Comment for the place:
Pizza e Birra was nice, cozy & have a very good vibe with it, people can enjoy themselves there.
The music was too kind of loud, but still tolerable.
The service was good. The servers were very helpful & nice.
But the fact that we have to wait for almost 2 hours just to get a table kind of disappointing but since the food were actually good, even though it were wee-bit pricey, but it all paid off.
I definitely will be going back there but I have to save more money than I used to.

[Bonus Picture]:
6 Desember 2009,  

Pondok Indah Mal 2, Red Mango Frozen Yogurt.

BCA Card Promo, buy 1, Upsize. From Regular to Large.

mister dison: original flavor, 3 toppings (nata de coco, brownies & strawberry mochi)
miss Shesca: original flavour, 3 toppings (M&Ms, Oreo cookies & peach fruit)

*a little bit too much for both of us, yikes.*

Gosh, I spent a lot of money just to have some pleasure & eating.
Have a festive day & happy food hunting!



Asakura Sena said...

cutlery wrap-nya menggoda juga "please unwrap me".. the food look delicious too

Sonia said...

Ah, baru tau ada restoran seperti ini di indo. Pas terakhir pulang gak lihat D:
Thanks for the info~ Ntar pulang Indo harus nyoba >D

alan said...

Meat&Potato Lovers @Pizza e it...