Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sandra Monica: Homecoming, again. Photo-session-catching-up-gossiping-tremendous-time-together

So, last week, March 13th, 2010, one of my childhood friend, Sandra Monica, came home to Indonesia. Reason why she's home this time was to attend one of  her family's wedding. Her cousin or something. I don't really remember. LOL.

Anyways, a little information about this girl. Sandra & I, we were in the same school for almost 7 years *back then, she was called Monica, there's a story behind it, maybe another time lor*.We went to kindergarten & primary school together. After that we never see each other for almost 5 years & at the end of high school, we met again. 4-5 years later, she came home to Indonesia & we hang out again. Right now, Sandra is a 'TKW' in Australia, her main job is doing some-coding-thingy-for-some-company-that-I-can't-recall-what-its-name-I-think-I-never-asked-her-about-that. Haha!

*When I said Sandra is one of my friend from Kindergarten, I mean it, like seriously. This is the hard proof of it...*

Coming home to Indonesia means high school reunion! After making some arrangements on Facebook, Sandra decided to meet some of her old friends in La Piazza & she took my suggestion to had it in
*whom I despise because the food was just so-so but pricey*.

The what-so-called-high-school-reunion started at around 4 or 5, but as usual, I'm being fashionably late & arrived ataround 5.30ish. LOL. What? I had to work & take a little nap first. Don't want to be drowsy during the-what-so-called-high-school-reunion.

Photo session at ChatterBox Cafe La Piazza. Take a look how whimsical I dress-up myself, green checkers shirt & a bow tie, bad choice of fashion. LOL.

*Anton, Leo, Sandra, Elma, mister.dison, Jessie, Santy, Elisa & Indra*
*Anton, Leo, Sandra, Elma, mister.dison, Jessie, Santy, Elisa & Indra - gosh, smile a bit man!*

Since I was so freaking-ly hungry, I ordered Kung Pao chicken with rice & an iced tea. It was around Rp. 50.000,- *without food & service tax, 15.5%*. Fak! I forgot to take a picture of it. OK, the plate was so big but the portion of the food was so little & it tasted so-so. Pricey-small-portion-tasted-so-so, BAD COMBINATION. I hated it.

*again with that quirky pose, stop it! lol.*

After we catched up & had some dinner at the pricey restaurant, we decided to move to another place. Next destination, Starbucks Coffee La Piazza. But, before that, let's take a little photo session, again. Haish.

*mister.dison, Elma, Sandra, Santy, WO (FAK, I HATE THIS GUY!), Elisa, Leo, Anton, Antony Betet & Indra-again, not with a smile..-____-"" *
*Santy, Elma, mister.dison, Sandra, WO (FAK, I HATE THIS GUY!), Evy, Elisa, Antony Betet, Leo & Anton*
*mister.dison, Elma, Sandra, Santy, WO (FAK, I HATE THIS GUY!), Elisa, Leo, Anton, Antony Betet & Indra-again, not with a smile, is it so hard for you to smile?*

Anyways, I just realized that my friends, they didn't have a very good fashion sense yah? No offense  but  I mean, jeans-t-shirt-&-sandals? You guys can dress yourself a little bit more lah. Wore shoes for God sake. Ok, maybe they need to have a little make-over or do a little fashion shopping.Those shirts & jeans, with sandals? Too laid-back. Thank God they didn't wore those fugly-what-so-called-silicone-based-sandals, C-to-the-effin'-ROCS. I will kill myself if they wore it.
*fugly-Crocs-sandals! YUCK!*

So, we ended the what-so-called-high-school-reunion with a little coffee in Starbucks La Piazza. Again, WO annoyed me a big time. *sigh* 
Why he always there everytime we had a small gathering between high-school-friends? Because he WAS in high school together. *d'uh! sigh...*

*Nico, Indra, .mister.dison, Antony Betet, Evy, Sandra, Elma, Leo & Elisa. Oh, there's the fak-in' guy again, WO, go away please, you're annoying...*

Anyways, I had a tremendous time with them, catching up with some gossip, laugh-a-lot & remembering those high-school days, it was pretty awesome, I think. I don't really enjoy my high school time though since I had to move between Manado & Jakarta.

End. Fin. Selesai. Yay!


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