Monday, March 1, 2010

.the.mister.dison.chronicles.: An Introduction.

So, today, March 1st, 2010, an not-so-infamous-that-think-he-is-a-blogger known as just had his identity changed.
No, definitely NOT a sex reassignment surgery or whatsover! 
Are you nuts?
He just changed his name into , and well, his blog address too.

Why, what happened?
FYI, his last blog address,
was .
That was kind of tongue twister right?
So, to make it easier for others *there also some other reasons*, he decided to change it into

 *the new blog header of .the.mister.dison.chronicles.*

The name itself, , comes from the name Edison, the person who responsible for this blog himself.
He took the 'Dison' part of the name and throw away the 'E'.
Then he use the Mister part, instead of Mr. so it would not be confused with his old name, and voila!
is born!
Also, 'Dison' is Edison's nick name that only his closed friends and family know.
It's a cute nick name!

So, please, enjoy the blog, read it, leave some comments, bookmark it, give some award, enhance its traffic, tell other people or bloggers about this blog so they can do the whole process all over again., and of course, don't forget to come back.
Thanks a bunch guys!

Kisses and hugs!


Valentinus Rama Kurniangga said...

so, mister dison is going to get famous instead the infamous Mr.E??

Asakura Sena said...

tautan mister dison telah selesai diupdate di blog saya :)

mister dison said...

@ Val: yes. of course!
@ ASena: terima kasih atas apdet-nya yaks! haha!