Thursday, April 1, 2010

April, 1st: A Sucky New Month in 2010.

1st of April.

4th month in 2010.

Go set some pranks for you friends or family.

1 year anniversary for working in the what-so-called-content-provider-for-cellular-phone-company.
It's been a year of torture, but also some good things though.
All of my colleague were "Graduated", I'm the only who's left.
Fak, I need to get out from there.

Still no sign of a PAY-RISE by the company.
How can I manage to get better money for God sakes?
I've been here for a year, is that even no worth for consideration?

Still no new job interviews.
I mean, I need new job prospects, some new opportunities, something that can offer me stability & good money.

How sucks it is to be in 2010.


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day.Dream.can.Kill said...

you know ed, if you try to find a new job every year, you certainly wont get those so-called-pay-rise-even-for-consideration-either..
some of my friend had to stuck with some company for couple of years, it takes 3-5 years if you wanted to be "appreciated" in a certain company, even if its the lousy one..
you cant just interview and hoping they'll offer you..more than 10 millions in instance..