Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Thing That Happened Last Night @ Pulomas Shelter.

Random thing last night!

Ok, so, I was just arrived at TransJa's Pulomas Shelter after a long bus ride from Harmoni. I looked like sh*t that time; sweating like a pig, messy hair, sneezing with watery eyes & nose *just got the influenza* & a massive headache. I looked miserable.

Then I walked to the 'tempat angkot mangkal' so that I can continue my what-so-called journey home. I walk pretty fast with my earphones on & Lykke Li's was playing on my iPod. It was a complete serene, I couldn't hear a thing, just me walking & music filled my head.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, there this guy that I-think-he-was-Middle-Eastern-ish-or-maybe-Arab-or-maybe-can-be-Italian-or-something-ish-I-didn't-know walked beside me. He try to asked me something, so I have to unplug my earphone & try to hear what he was saying.

Random Guy: Speak English? *with a big grin in his face*
I was being nice, so I try to help him.
.mister.dison.: Yes, I can speak English, can I help you with something?
Random Guy: Ooh, good. Do you live alone or with family?
.mister.dison.:  Hue? What? *I looked completely shocked, what's that supposed to mean?*
.mister.dison.: Ok, I'm sorry, but you're being inappropriate. *but yet, I answered his question, STUPID.*
.mister.dison.: I live with my family.*awkward part 1*
Random Guy: You're handsome. *still with a big grin...*
.mister.dison: GLEK! *awkward part 2, WHAT THE F*CK???*

Then he asked another question. I never had the chance to answer the previous question because I'm still shocked.
Random Guy: Are you single? No, are you gay?
.mister.dison.: WAKS! *awkward & shocked! WHAT THE HELL? WHAT THE F*CK? WHAT ON EARTH? WHATTTTT????*

So, because it was getting a wee-bit-weird & uncomfortable *a-wee-bit? NO!*, I answered him nicely.
.mister.dison.: Uumm... Thank you for the compliment, but I'm sorry, I'm not gay. *I still try to smile but in a complete shock & horror...*

After that, I murmur what-to-be-heard-as-goodbye, plug back my earphone & just walk, a little faster but still looked calm & cool. He still looked at me, smiled & having those weird-horny-face.
I walk towards the angkot & he take the ojeg. I don't looked back, even for a split second.


That random guy was a complete-utter-creepy-&-scary. Seriously. 
I think *and Gogo thinks so too* that he's "interested" in me, in a sexual kind of way & maybe wanted to have sex with me. 
Straight forward!
-___-"" OMG-WTF-Gagaga...
That's why he asked if I'm single, live alone & happened to be gay.
-___-"" OMG-WTF-Gagaga...
It just creeps the hell out of me. 
If I can run at that time, I WILL RUN, AS FAST AS I CAN
But I keep my cool & just walk calmly.
Let's just hope I never meet the guy anymore, like ever. If I do meet him again, I will run. Seriously.

PS. Can you describe the guy? Oh yeah, sure. He's tall, around 180ish, looked very middle-eastern-ish, with black curly hair & slightly brown eyes, scruffy looked *maybe he forgot to shaved* with a slightly build body. Wears a t-shirt & short pants, with some groceries in his hands.
Tall, dark & kind of good looking. Just like Gogo said. "Rawr...sexie!"
Ermmm... NOT!
Creepy, Yes, definitely!



Gogo Caroselle said...

ahahaha, he's the mid-eastern BABE and u're the anak loper koran, scarry scarry hihi

Asakura Sena said...

man, that's creepy...

gw jg dulu pernah tuch dulu di bis langsung "ditembak" dengan pertanyaan "udah punya pacar belom?"

which later I found out from news spread on my neighborhood that the dude who was asking me is totally a gay... soalnya dy naik bis dari tempat yg sama, dengan ciri2 yg sama... bahkan ade gw pun pernah mengalami kejadian yg sama dengan pria tersebut...

Arman said...

tapi serem juga ya.. mesti ati2 ama orang2 kayak begitu...

Valentinus Rama Kurniangga said...

kok lo sering nemu makhluk beginian sih Son? wkwkwkwkwk

niko said...

creepy... nggak kebayang klo gw pasti langsung ngibrit deh..

ssandra7984 said...


*Thanks, but umm, no, thanks!* moment

the immigayrant said...


Gw jadi inget pernah diajak 'have fun' sama stranger yang bantu cari arah jalanan, dulu pas gw masih baru di kota Melbourne.

Gw ga ngerti maksudnya 'fun' sampe dia bilang "I'll pay you".

Dropped my jaw.

I'm gay, but... still!

.mister.dison. said...

@the immigayrant: lol. ok, that's creepy man! agak menyeramkan gak sih klo tiba2 si "have-fun-gay-guy" itu serial killer yg mencari cute-petite-asian-twinks utk dijadikan "koleksi"?
mwahahah... *kebanyakan nonton film slasher... -__-"*
yes, i know you're gay. out, proud & fabulous. *snap like a diva*
nice to meet you btw, i'll add you to my blogroll ya!

the immigayrant said...

Hehehe... Sure!

Umm... out, proud, & fabulous? Errmmm... I'm not out to my family yet. Still waiting for my younger brother to be sent here first.

I don't want him to lose the opportunity of studying overseas/Australia by shocking my parents.

When I was younger I tried acting masculine (despite my un-concealable feminine traits such as high-pitched voice and various body language). I was repressed like a robot.

However, now I have come to think that there's nothing wrong with a boy being girly, and that hatred towards feminine gay guys is the wrong one... I can go really camp sometimes. It felt fun and liberating. Especially when I'm writing my gay blog for supposedly queer readers.

So, Camp it up! Screw the haters! Shove the gender-bender-fabulousity down their throoooatttt! Hehhehehe...

Anyway, I guess I'm not 24/7 camp, except if you count my high-pitch voice as camp. Can't help it. Hehehe...

.mister.dison. said...

anyways "camp" = ngondek, right? lmao.
but, i admire your courage to be out-from-the-coffin-eh-closet. *two-thumbs-up*
and your writings are very inspiring.

the immigayrant said...

Ummm... Ngondek itu apa yah? Sorry... Udah lama gak update bahasa gaul. Hehehe...

Camp itu... or
Example: Mika and Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears.

Out-of-coffin? Siaul!!!

BTW, if your blog were queer, I would've add it to my blogroll, otherwise, it'll still appear on my reading list. ^_^