Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tag Three Game: Just For Fun.

Boring Sunday night. *yawn..*.
A day before this what-so-called-long-weekend-ends, so I do some blogwalking & found these word-play on Tessa's blog [link].
So, let's do it, just for fun. Yay!

Three names I go by:
Dison. Only closed friends & family called me with that.
Congs. No comment. -_-' LOL.
Icon. Friends in the office called with that name. Weird choice of nick name right?

Three jobs I have had:

Actually, I never had a job, like a real job after college. But there was a one time only job, as a amateur DJ at some friend's birthday party. Haha. Lame, I know. But I actually got paid, so it's a job.
As for after college, I work as administrator/personal-assistant-ish, account executive & now, bussines development.

Three places I have lived:
Jakarta. Born & raised. Exact place: Kelapa Gading.
Manado. Spent 3 years through the end of junior high & half high school.
Errmm, there are only two places I have ever lived. Sorry.

Three favorite drinks:
Tea. Hot/iced/sweet /with lemon, you name it, as long it's tea.
Coke. Even though I had a very bad ulcher, but  just can't help it, soda makes me happy.
Mineral water. It's good for your health, just plain water.

Three TV shows I watch:
Grey's Anatomy. Hospital. Doctors. Daddy-issues. Sex. Drama. Me likey.
True Blood. Vampire is so hot right now, but this show just changed the face of vampirism. And the sex.
Still can't decide between Brothers & Sisters, Glee or Chuck. Yes, I'm that addicted & greedy.

Three places I have been:

Manado. Went to school for 3 years there.
Bali. My old office RNW had an event in Nusa Dua Bali. Even though I have to work, but I actually enjoy my time there. Yay!
Gold Coast - Australia. I had a vacation with my family like a long time ago. We had a blast.

Three places I would like to visit:

New York! New York! New York!
Santorini - Greece.
Tokyo - Japan.

Three favorite old TV shows:
Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Blonde petite chick trying to save the world while thinking what shoes to wear when slaying those vampires. Lots of drama also. Loved it!
The OC. One of my favorite teen-drama show who got cancelled way too fast. Sending my love Mischa Barton.
The Nanny. That Fran Drescher is HILARIOUS. Her character on that show was very annoying but lovable & funny.

Three favorite dishes:

Pecel-Ayam! Tradisional fried chicken with extra spicy chilli sauce & raw veggies. Yum!
Nasi Kuning Gorontalo. Traditional yellow cooked rice with toppings: fried potatoes, beef-stew, chilli sauce & some other things that I can't remember. LOL.
Gado-Gado. Mixed vegetables with peanut sauce. Love it so much!

Three makeup products I cannot live without:

I don't wear make up -_-"

Three things I'm looking forward too:
A trip to Bali in a few weeks-or-month. Still don't know when or what the invitation look like. Just wait & see.
Blackberry & NDS.
First, I got a gift from my uncle in USA, Blackberry Bold. Yay? I can just turn it down, but hey, a free Blackberry, why should I? :) 
Second, another gift. This time is from my besties Tessa in Shanghai, Nintendo DS. Yay!!!
Thank you to both of you. Kisses.
A trip to Singapore in August 2010. Still don't know if I can make it or not, since I'm planning to quit my job. If I actually do it, it's impossible to get what-so-called-cuti because of the new job. Keep praying & crossing fingers.

There you go, a thing or two about .mister.dison. that maybe, some of you didn't know. 
Now, let's go to sleep.


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Blackbeery?? ga salah baca kan yah gue?? ehemm ehemmm..