Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Never Return.

Have you ever think about doing all of these above?
Quit your daily-boring-exhausting job & buy yourself a ticket to nowhere, maybe to Spain or some Caribbean island.
Get lost in translation because you didn't know their languages at all but yet you try so hard to understand & make it work.
Get your skin burned so painfully because you wanted those exotic tan skins.
Eat & drink whatever, wherever, whenever you want without thinking that it will make me fat.
Fall in love with someone different. Someone that you never think that you're going to fall in love & have a relationship with. Fall in love with someone that will give you a great sex, a great companion & a great friend.
And the most of all, you don't have to go back. 
Never return to your previous life.
Start fresh & new.

I wish I could do that. Just being a complete selfish person & life a live that you can only find the movies or books. (hints: Eat, Pray, Love).


PS. Got the little quote from a dear friend's tumblr, Melancholy Mundane [link]. Go check it out.


-Tess- said...

do it for a whole week and get back into reality after that.

Arman said...

kalo duitnya udah abis gimana dong? :P

.mister.dison. said...

@ Tess: Yes! I thinking of doing it. Hehe.
@ Arman: nah itu tuh, duitnya jg gak ada, jd gimana mau berandai2. hahaha...

Asakura Sena said...

I think we should change the never return part to return as new person =)