Saturday, December 11, 2010


To my beautiful-yet-sassy-best-friend-oh-well-she's-my-sister-now-I-guess-who-live-a-thousand-miles-across-the-Atlantic-in-the-city-where-Grey's-Anatomy-was-set-and-oh-my-God-my-English-is-so-messed-up-you-will-poke-your-own-eyes-because-of-it-I-make-you-this-simple-taken-from-Facebook-pictures-to-have-a-little-something-to-be-shared-with-me-and-also-Bill-omg-this-is-so-exhausting-way-too-long-ya.....

Have a very berry munchy kissy lovely birthday my sweet Tessa, may you have the best things in life. I'll be waiting for you next year for the wedding! 
Hugs, kisses, pokings, "cubits" from Jakarta!

Yeah darling, I miss you thiiiiiiiiissss much! *and have a lot of time to make a collage on my spare time... rolling-eyeballs..* LOL!


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-Tess- said...

Thank you so much, honey love !!!
I miss you soooo much !