Thursday, January 27, 2011

iPad & The-Other-Shiny-Shimmering-Apple-Products. Ck ck ck.... :)

So, I browsed Apple Store [link] the other day *well, actually a couple months ago* & found out that they are selling their iPad with its "official" price. Check it out.

*look at that, they're actually selling iPad, at last! :), full price list, click here*

It's a good thing though, people don't have to buy the-what-so-called-unofficial-or-black-market-price iPads. Indonesian Apple Store sell the 16GB + Wi-fi iPad for around 4.8 million IDR & the 64GB + 3G connection for around 8 million IDR.
Honestly, I don't really like iPad though, I think it's just an iPod Touch but with bigger size only & not very useful, well maybe it's just me :). OK, convince me why I should have one of those touchy-thingy. Seriously, try me. LOL! 
*yes, I got an iPad for my birthday... NOT!*

*triple-beauty-white-pearly-MacBook!!! [link]*     *MacBook Air, for full review, click here*
I also checked out their MacBooks, those beautiful-white-pearly-classic-MacBook & it's only 10 million IDR! Yes, this is my dream laptop/note-book. If I have some money, I'll definitely going to buy it. Don't really care if people said that it's old fashion or outdated, I'm in love with it! :) *you can also buy a MacBook Pro for almost 13 million IDR* 
They're also selling the smaller & thinner MacBook Air! Cute tough but way too overpriced, 64GB for a price of 10 million IDR? Damn, that's expensive. :)

So, are guys buying one of these Apple extravaganza? How about you .mister.dison.? You want one? LOL.



Asakura Sena said...

aaaaa macbooooook... salah satu item impian yg akan gw beli klo take home pay gw sebulan minimal 10 juta hahaha

.mister.dison. said...

@ kang sena:
bwakakaka! sama kitah! pengen jg kan... cantikkkkk ya... LMAO!
macbook. i heart you....

Anonymous said...

please don't buy macbook air, it's sucks! hahaha