Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Like A Virgin, Touched for the Very First Time....

So, today's theme is sex. *uhuy!*
Do I need to explain itu more or you guys got the point? OK, sex here is not your sexual identification or gender but more to having a sexual intercourse, copulation, ML *making-love* or anything that you guys can think of. :)

Why the sudden interest on sex? One of my Twitter friend, wlauw have a little opinion about me, being a virgin at the age of 27 & lives in a big city called Jakarta. He also said that he was inspired by a movie called "Susah Jaga Keperawan di Jakarta" that was released at the day before my birthday. *what-the-hell?* LOL.


So according to Prof. Dr. Welliam Lauw Msc, Msg. Fro.Yo., etc., there are 5 reasons why people stays a virgin in Jakarta.

1. You're way-too-good-looking, so people are also too-afraid-to-get-close-to-you, and as a result no one *yes, no one!* will f*ck you or be f*cked by you. 
2. You're way-too-fugly! You make people afraid to get close to you, even for a few centimeters.
Errr... way the go to start a list. So, APPEARANCE is extremely important. You have to be in the middle, not-too-good-looking-not-too-ugly-just-be-an-average-Joe-guy-next-door-with ripped-body-six-pack-perfect-skin-well-groomed-etc.
So, what's my category then? Good-looking? F*ckin-ugly-looking? Average? So-so? LOL.

3. You're living a live of celibacy (a state of not being married, or a state of abstention from sexual intercourse or vow of marriage, wikipedia), so you're not interested into having these kinds of needs.
OK, maybe I am in celibacy. I have my own reasons to stay single, available, desperate & forever-alone-27-years-old-virgin. -__-" Hey, when the needs come, you can have your-own-me-time & problem solved. LMAO.
I made a pact to myself, when it's the time to lose virginity, I have to make it special, so I will stay in my celibacy-mode-on until I find the one.*bite-slap-punch-me-in-the-face!!*

4. Or, maybe you're not interested in sex because you're having a pre-menopause period?
Errr, this one, I don't agree. Pre-menopause? Pfftt... b*tch please! XD

5. and the last, maybe, you're saving your virginity to someone special
@wlauw thinks that this is crap & definitely will slap the hell out of those people who still use this excuse, those people need to be awaken from their "sleep". :)
Unlike you, I'm not some skanky slut who go sleeps around with other people & selling my body to the highest bidder. LOL!!!! Just joking We! Just joking!
No, seriously, I am saving it for someone special. I mean it. Call me hopelessly romantic, hypocrite or maybe genuinely stupid but I want my first to be special & worth remembering it, not like just some dumb-drunk-sex on the back of a car or something. :) *or maybe it is simply because you're still single so you can't have sex and stays a virgin*

So, there you go, a pretty comprehensive list from Prof. Dr. Welliam Lauw Msc, Msg. Fro.Yo., etc about staying virgin in the big city.

And yes I have to admit that it's pretty weird to be a virgin at the age of 27 & stay single-available-and-not-desperate-ok-maybe-a-bit-but-it's-ok-I-guess, but I'm proud of it. It's a choice that I have to take. *or maybe the reason is simply because you're not selling yourself hard enough & the results is GAK LAKU-LAKU!!!*

Another not-so-important-rambling from .mister.dison.
Please forgive him for he can't came up with a better writings for his blog & the late update, MY GAWD, give him a break lah. LOL.



Ario Achda said...


wow, this is a HUGE confession, and u did it in a good way!!!

keep it up, stict to ur principal is never wrong! good luck finding the perfect one. im on my way too :)



.mister.dison. said...

@ A.A: mwahaha... well thank you, i think.
i know, it's big. i just hate it when people start calling em a late bloomer or old virgin, or something like that, i mean, sex is a big thing & by doing it, takes a lot of responsibilities. :)
thank you & good luck to you too, hope you find it soon. ;p
PS, adding you to my blogroll ya! your blog is awesome!

Arman said...

gua rasa ada 1 kemungkinan alasan lagi, yaitu TAKUT!
ya takut ketauan, takut penyakit, takut dosa, atau takut apa lah pokoknya takut. ya gak? :P

kalo masalah looking sih mau good looking atau ugly looking gak jadi penghambat lah. nyari partner mah dimana2 pasti ada. kalo sampe gak ada yang mau juga bisa bayar toh. huahahhaa.

-Tess- said...

good post !!

Ling said...


.mister.dison. said...

@Tess & Yatt: Thank you yaaa! Hehehe... agak2 sensasional ya? Maap.

@Arman: iya, setuju bgt, TAKUT. terbayang2lah sama STD. eww! lol.

Anonymous said...

i demand for a share for giving u the topic of writing this blog lmao. well dear i never said u r an okd virgin, and frankly honest i'm not saying that u need ti go out and fuck every single thing that moves right lol


svya said...

"your-own-me-time" :P

Kalau udah siap mental.. bilang sama mami val yah. nanti mami cariin oom2 highest bidder! :P