Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weekend Plans: Zenbu & Kitchenette - Plaza Indonesia, 15th January 2010

15th January 2010.
Plaza Indonesia.

So, me, Ms. BeeNipenkSiskaAutie G & Tante Lisa + Ms. Tee & HJ went to Plaza Indonesia for some what-so-called bitching time. Yes, we eat, drink & talked for hours, random stuffs, from work, love life, well, I guess, anything you can think off.

After we eat some mozaru at Zenbu, we went to one of the hippest place in Plaza Indonesia, Kitchenette
It was my first time there, well, like finally! Have been wanting to go to that place for such a long time, but since it's always fully packed, so I always end up cancelling the reservation.
So, just to keep it short, Kitchenette has a very good ambiance, nice music, not too thumpa-thumpa or too loud & you can actually enjoy your time, but the f&b are just way bit overpriced for my budget. :( 

Yes, it's confirmed, spending time some friends are so much fun rather than stay at home & weep at the weekends.
Hey, what's your weekend plans anyways? Any suggestions? And HELL NO .mister.dison., don't say La Piazza Kelapa Gading again! Or McDonalds! Or cozy room at your house! :)) 


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