Friday, February 25, 2011

BlackBerry Addict, Please, Get Yourself Some Help. LOL!

So, got this BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) a couple days ago from a friend about how BlackBerry changed someone else's life. 
In-a-way, my behavior is a wee-bit like what the message described, well, maybe NOT that severe, but it's kinda true. LOL. 
I screen-captured the original source, read it yourself ya!

*captured from my BlackBerry Tour using ScreenMuncherA BIG THANK YOU to the ones that make this post!*

Let's try to translate the message in English. :) ‎​

How BlackBerry CHANGED My Life!
  1. People gives me honks ALL THE TIME, they suggested that I should to put a sticker in the back of my car saying, "Please stop honking me b*tches, BlackBerry User in-da-Hauz" *snap-like-a-diva*
  2. Need a much-much-much longer time to take a pee or poo in the toilet/bathroom, even though I'm already finished *Wait, I forgot something, oops, I didn't to wash my hands!* EWWW..
  3. Still holding my precious BlackBerry while sleeping. B*tch, I got a deadline to finish reading these emails!
  4. Smiling & giggling like some loony person while reading email or messages or tweets or.....; having a hard time concentrating at work & every morning, the first thing that I look is my precious BlackBerry.
  5. Not easily offended but people tends to be furious because I didn't get or paying enough attention at what they are talking about. B*tch please, my BlackBerry is way more interesting than you all!
  6. Always panicking in public places & looking for electricity socket. F*CK, my BlackBerry is dying! I need to charged it!!!
  7. Got too excited with my precious BlackBerry, I forgot to press the elevator's button & missed the floors. Well, my BlackBerry will accompany me, going up, going down, missed the floors, no problemo!
  8. Missed queuing in the Bank because didn't hear a thing when they called my number. Oh, well, I got my BlackBerry, it's OK-lah to queue again, act cool & busy.
  9. B*tch, who cares about those piles of unread magazines & newspapers, I got my BlackBerry with me, just send some BBM to have updates. *preeet...*
  10. *BAM!* F*ck, I just hit my head while walking! well, too busy looking at my BlackBerry screen.
  11. -
  12. My BlackBerry is forbidden to be put in the bag or pocket, it always have to be in my hands, no matter what, even though I'm not chatting or email-ing, MY BLACKBERRY ALWAYS HAVE TO BE IN MY HANDS! It's the default setting.
  13. I left my wallet in the house, ah, it's fine, but if I left my precious BlackBerry, MY GOAT! I LEFT MY BLACKBERRY, NOOOOOOO!!! *having a panic attack!*
  14. When people asked me about my identity number, the first thing that I remembere is definitely my BlackBerry pin number, the rest of it? F*ck 'em lor, I don't remember it.
  15. Have what-the-doctors-called-calloused-or-what-Indonesian-called-KAPALAN in the hands. Also, I don't care if I don't eat or having snacks, I HAVE TO PAY MY BLACKBERRY BILLS.
  16. Don't f*ck with me track ball / track pad, I need to reply this comment!!! *rub it with some cajuput oil*
  17. Pray time. Fast. Quick. Amen! Let's go back to my precious BlackBerry. 
  18. Hey, don't you realised that, there's NO number 11! *faint*
  19. *moving the pointer up, looking for number 11, get busy with my BlackBerry, AGAIN.*
Please, BlackBerry addicts, get some help. You're freaking people, f*ck, you're freaking me out!
My Goat! LMAO!


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Asakura Sena said...

thank goat am not a BB user, and hopefully never will be =))