Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 2011: A Little Recap.

January 2011.
First month of the newest year & it's coming to the end.
So, what have you done this past month? Here's a quickie recap-review-blabbering. :)

1. Late-Birthday-Present
Watched Burlesque at Gading XXI at the 28th of January with Nipeng, Siska & Ms. Bee *pretty entertaining movie, great songs & choreography, but bad acting & cheesy dialog*. FYI, Siska & Niven watched the movie for the 2nd time. Wew. :)
After the movie was finished, we went to the car & ready to go home. Suddenly, Siska pull out something from her bag & gave me this little box. I don't know what it is, I just stood there, still a wee bit shocked *drama queen!*

I seriously cried myself when I opened the-what-so-called-small-package-wrapped-in-amazingly-thick-newspaper-paper. Never thought that people would actually give me an iPod Touch 4th Generation.
I really do.
And oh, they filmed my reaction & put it on Youtube. WTH? LOL.
I dedicate this blog post to my blast friends. Hugs & kisses *even though I don't do these touchy-feely-thingy* to Siska, Niven, Beata & Golda.
You guys are the best!
*and now you guys leave with a big confusion, how can I top that gift, what should I get you guys for your birthdays? My God... LOL!!*

2. Credit Card bills.
Yes, this past December I've been pretty consumptive with birthdays, gifts & Christmas. By the time I got my credit card bills, I'm like, shocked by how much money that I used, well in this case, how many times I swiped that stupid card.
No, I'm not in debt or anything, but I never thought that I'll be using it THAT much.
Hey, how about your Christmas bonus? Well, to be honest, I give almost half of it to my mum. Well, she needed it anyways so, why not lah.
I took some of the bonus for myself; put it in my bank account & saving it for next year. :)
Ok, why am I rambling like this? Sorry guys. :)

3. Household-duty-with-no-maid-at-home.
OMG, I just realized that not having a housemaid can drive people pretty crazy. I have to admit that, I'm not used to work or do errands. I'm used to have a maid that do all those stuffs for the home. I know, I'm a bit spoiled & but, it doesn't mean that I can't do those errands. I can though, just not used to. :)
So, now I do some bed tidying, sweeping the floors, a little mopping, bathroom cleaning, refilling the water dispenser, a little cooking or breakfast making & trash-throwing *WTF? LOL!*. But I don't do laundry & ironing because I don't know how. :p
Mostly, my mum do all the work at home & I would really like to help, but every time I went home, I got very tired & lazy to do those errands. Somebody slap me, please!
I really should find a new maid. Seriously. :|

4. Tessa in Seattle, goes to nursing school! :)
So, one of my besties, Tessa is now married to this American guy named Bill & yes, I can't wait for them to have their wedding here in Indonesia.

What's up with her then?
OK, she's now on nursing school in Seattle; with her super exhausting schedule, we still got a wee-bit time to have some chat on BlackBerry Messenger & I really cherished that time, even though it will only a few minutes, but I really love it. I feel closer to her even though she's like, million thousand miles away from here.

And we come to the interesting part, when I went home from the office at around 09.30 PM, she PING-ed me at BBM, I said Hi, well the usual stuff lah, and I asked her "Where are you Tess?", she said "Dison, I'm on my bus to school," & I told her, "I'm on my bus too, but instead of going to work, I'm going home."
What a great coincidence! It also happen vice-versa, in the morning, around 9 AM also, when I'm going to the office, Tessa is on her ride home from school. :p

5. Resigning.
I have to admit, what I just did is plain madness! Why is that?
OK, at the 1st of February I gave my resignation letter to my boss, while I don't even know if I will get the new job that I'm going to
Yes, it's madness or maybe just plain stupid, I don't know! OK, I'll make a full post about this resigning thingy. Just give me some time to write it down. :)

And then, we come to the end of this recap of .mister.dison.'s unimportant yet boring yet yawning life.
Yes, we're closed for the night, until the next time folks. :p


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