Thursday, February 17, 2011

Foursquare-Abusers, EAT THIS!

So, a couple weeks ago, a friend of mine, @WidyDee posted a tweet on his Twitter, asking what kind/type of social media that you think is BORING? The answer is simple for me, FOURSQUARE.

Well, I do not have any personal grunge or whatsoever with Foursquare, but, I have to admit that it just bores & also at the same time annoys the hell out of me, I'm like, poking my eyes because of it.

Why do I hate Foursquare anyways, well, hate is a strong word, maybe we should change it into something more "polite". I'm going to use the word "dislike". So, why do I "dislike" Foursquare?
Because of the user or participants of this location-based social media platform.

Yes, we can say that Foursquare is some kind of "social media game"; you are required to "check-in" at various places. You can get badges for check-in a nd yet, if you do it RELENTLESSLY, you will become the Mayor of those various places that you checked-in all the time. *click here for the complete list of Foursquare badges*.

So, what's with the user/participants of Foursquare then? Why do you "dislike" them?
Actually they are 2 things.

Number one, I just HATE it when these-Foursquare-addicts-junkies-abusers barging-in-relentlessly to my social media streams about their current locations. Yes, I have problems with users that checked-in to EVERY PLACE that they're currently on, even toilets or kitchen!
Gosh, you guys are spamming my timeline! I seriously don't need to witness your what-so-called-trips-to-places & then go checking-in-relentlessly so then you can be some Mayor-of-whatever-hell-hole-you-want-to-be. I don't need it & sure lots of people too!

Number two, and this is the most important thing,these-Foursquare-addicts-junkies-abusers KEEPS ON CHECKING-IN INTO PLACES THAT THEY'RE ACTUALLY NOT CURRENTLY ON.

These what-so-called-attention-junkies just abused the use of Foursquare & consciously "lying" in your faces about they whereabouts. Why the hell you checked-in at London or New York or Japan or anywhere else in the world when obviously, YOU CURRENTLY LIVING, BREATHING, WALKING & DO EVERYTHING IN INDONESIA!

Seriously, you guys are so f*cked up mentally ya?
I still can't figure it out why the hell these people do such things, seriously, tell me, WHY ON EARTH YOU GUYS DO IT???

I'm not tying to be a b*tch or whatsoever, I'm just telling you Foursquare-addicts-junkies-abusers, stop being a social-media-attention-whores & just be real.
Please, stop being such a loser by checking in relentlessly to those places where I-know-you-know-&-well-everybody-knows that you're not actually & currently there. I don't know if you wish to be there or wanted to be there or whatever your reasons to do such things, I don't give a f*ck, but please, you all gives me a freaking headache & wanted me to poke own my eyes because you all abusing the use of Foursquare *which I also don't know what is the use or purpose of it.*

.mister.dison., are you a Fousquare user? | Oh yes I am! Click here for my Fousquare page & don't worry, I maybe a Tweet whore but I'm not a Foursquare abuser. I checked-in to places that I actually & currently are. Just trying to be real here.
And, this is that what I'm going to do if I actually meet you all, Foursquare-addicts-junkies-abusers, 
*RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 2, RuPaul & JuJuBee*

Hope you Foursquare-addicts-junkies-abusers can come back to your senses & back from your mental instituion. *snap like a diva!*



Asakura Sena said...

totally agree... ajak2 ya ed klo mau nampar orang hahaha...

gerandis said...

aq pusing ngliat taparan2 itu :(