Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thumpa-thumpa-to-Some-Techno-Disco-Trance-or-Whatever-They-Called-it-Type-of-Songs? Not My Scene.

So, went clubbing a couple weeks ago & it was my first time since forever I went doing some drinking & thumpa-thumpa to some unknown techno-disco-trance-or-whatever-they-called-it-type-of-songs. Name of the club? Well, I'll just keep it a secret so you can guess which place in Jakarta that I went "bazinga". LOL.

For some who know me pretty well, they all going to be like, "What? You went clubbing? Since when b*tch? It's totally NOT your scene, heck You don't do clubbings!"

Yes, I don't do clubbings. *lame? I KNOW right?*

So, there are a couple of things why I don't do it? Do what exactly? The clubbing thingy! 

First of all, I don't smoke cigarettes & the fact that smoke will make eyes itchy & have a burning sensation just kills of the mood. :(
But all you can find in clubs or bar or discotheque are a bunch of people who dance to some dancey-songs while drinking + smoking like a choo-choo-train. Sometimes, it's not just a few sticks, it can be packs of cigarettes, like 15-20 sticks. My Gawd, my eyes are bleeding, MY EYES!!! My nose, my lungs, my chest is in pain, help me, helllllpppp! *bitch-slap!!*
And I have to go out for a few times to smell some fresh air if I can take it anymore.
And oh, your clothes will smell like something got burned on it & sometimes, that-expensive-clothes-that-you-wear will get "SUNDUT" by some people's cigarette & it will definitely be ruined! :(

Speaking of smoking, now we come to the second part , I don't drink alcohol.
OK, maybe a couple of beers or some liquor will be fine though, but the aftermath, I'll be having some kind of diarrhea & stomach ache. I don't drunk very easily though, because I peed a lot & the-going-to-the-toilet-over-and-over-again, that's the thing that keeps me sober. Dammit! :)
I have a very "uncompromising" stomach. It's like I'm lactose intolerance but it's not lactose, it's alcohol. :( 

And oh, the last thing, it's so damn expensive! My goat, you have to spend at least around Rp 100.000,- or up just to get in + a welcome drink. If you open a table + sofa, you'll spend around 2 million until 3 million Rupiahs. Gosh.
And don't let me start with the drinks. To get a drink, maybe some cocktails or liquor, at least you have to spend around Rp 50.000 or up *wayyy, up!* 
I don't have that kind of money. OK, I got the money, but I think I should use it for something more crucial rather than having some overpriced drinks. :)

That's why, this-what-so-called hedonistic life is totally not my scene. I would prefer to go to some nice, quite restaurant or cafe, have a decent meal or drink some iced/hot coffee & have some quality chat with friends, that's my ideal scene. Or, I can just spend my time at home, watching DVDs, blogging or sleep. LOL.

FYI though, I'm not going to say NO if some of my friends invited me to go clubbing, I really appreciate the offer lah, seriously, but maybe not going to enjoyed it as much as others. But, then again, maybe I'll be enjoyed the club if I actually known those people at the club, "Well, it's good for your networking, you know, the clubbing, meeting with others, find some potential bf/gf, etc-etc-etc...", a friend said.  

.mister.dison., YOU'RE SO LAME! Clubbing will help you get laid! Seriously! LMAO.


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gerandis said...

Ed, mau toss tak? aku gak suka clubbing juga :D

aq gak suka crowdnya...gak suka asep rokoknya...dan gak suka harganya :D

iya bener, duit segitu mending buat yg laen, nongkrong2 di warung ato karokean sama temen2 :D