Friday, March 4, 2011

And there you go, iPad 2.

So, iPad 2. Yes, it's another shimmery-sparkly-Apple-product & I bet that A LOT of people will definitely be killing each other just to get their hands on this gadget.

At the 3nd of March 2011, Apple introduced its 2nd generation of iPad with a new design, that is 33% thinner & 15% lighter than the 1st generation. iPad 2 use Apple’s new dual-core A5 processor, so yes, the performance will be faster. It also has two cameras for FaceTime & PhotoBooth & for capturing 720p HD video. For the screen, iPad 2 still using the same 9.7 inch LED-backlit LCD screen. Hey, about the price? It's still the same as the 1st generation.
Click here for more information about the features & click here for the tech specs of the product.

How about colours? Black or white or other colours available? Nah, just those two, but iPad 2 also comes with Smart Cover [link] (there are 10 colours of it) to cover/protect your iPad screen.

And anyways, I feel sorry for those who bought the first generation of iPad, I really do. Why is that? Well, you know lah, the waiting process to actually get the iPad. Pffftt....  Oh, almost forgot, iPad 2 will be released at March 11th 2011.

Well, .mister.dison., interested enough to actually have one? Errr... NOT. As I said at my last post about some Apple products [link], for me, personally, I don't need this bigger-sized-iPod-Touch. Just saying. :) 


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