Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good Bye, Good Luck, Until We Meet Again.

So, a dear close friend of mine, Mr.Han, decided that, he wanted to go home to his hometown, Surabaya. The talk about him leaving Jakarta has been around since 2-3 months ago, prior to the family thing but somewhat the decision was put on hold.

He decided to stay in Jakarta until he gets a new job but in the end, he decided to go home after all, although, some companies had already contacted him for a job. He said to me, the main reason he's leaving Jakarta is that he feels lonely. I guess, that's what you're going to feel when your living alone, jobless & have no significant other by your side. How about friends? Well, most of his friends *including myself* are busy with work & stuff, so the time that we got for him are after work hours, when most of us are tired & pretty swamped.

I guess that being lonely can eat people's spirit up, you can feel mellow-ish or even overly-melodramatic-drama-queen-phase. :)  I can see that Mr. Han isn't happy anymore & his decision to go back to his hometown maybe would be the right decision to do. He has friends here, like a lot, but somehow, I think something is missing, I don't what or why, but I can see it, in a way. Maybe because he misses his best friend Mr. We who went back to his hometown Makasar, or missing his significant other in Shanghai, studying Mandarin; or maybe his family & all the family drama in Surabaya or well, I don't know, it's not my place to be "key-poh" :)

When he talked to me about this decision, I was pretty shocked, disappointed & sad. Another close friend of mine is leaving me again. But, as a friend, it's not my decision to hold him here, I can only give him advice so that he can weigh his options & eventually make the right decision. It's hard for me you know, encouraging your friend to do what's best, but, hey, it's his life. He's the one who's taking control & living it the way he wanted. I can't do anything about it.

He asked me if this is the right decision? Did he make some pretty crazy idea or something? How about his friends? I'm sad, bla bla bla.
Well, the thing that I said was, if this what you wanted, then do it, nothing's going to stop you. Don't think about anything else, just do what you think is right & stick to that decision, no second guessing or whatsoever. Oh, I almost forgot to Mr. Han is going back to Surabaya & will be going to have a trip around China with his family, and after that, he's going to Shanghai to meet his significant other & planning a life there, or maybe to another country. While in Shanghai, he's going to take some Mandarin classes. Yay to him!

Anyways, this thing about second-guessing-should-I-dot-it-or-not also happened to my dear friend Ms. Bee a couple years ago when she asked me whether she should go to China or not. My answer to that very question is still the same, YOU HAVE TO GO! No question. Man, you got the opportunity to go, why waste it? You also got the money to actually go back to school, so why second guessing? Your parents are paying for it. Opportunities like that does not come twice. If I had the money, I will definitely go. 

And so, Mr. Han decided to go with the plan. Go back to Surabaya, go travelling with his family to China, visit his significant other in Shanghai, try find some schools there; go back to Indonesia & off to Shanghai again to build a life there.

We come to the end of this blog post. Mr. Han, if you're reading this, just remember one thing, you're making the right decision & please, don't mind us, your friends here will be just fine, in fact, we're happy for you, you're going an extra-extra-extra mile to chase your love & be with your significant other, you know I'm a very hopelessly romantic person & by doing what you're doing right now is a-big-bold-beautiful thing to do.
If you're happy & we're also happy.
I am happy for you.

And then, I have to say this, it's been a wonderful time being with you, all those "campy" time in your car, the dancing around like some crazy people, all those bullying, teasing & some harassing moments that you did, all those singing-the-same-songs-everytime-we-went-karaoke-ing, all those hilarious jokes, crazy talk, laughing out lout moments or maybe some pretty dead-hardcore-discussion about life & stuff.
I'm so blessed.

So, good bye for now, oh no, not good bye, see you again. Maybe in Surabaya, or when you're visiting Jakarta again or maybe in Shanghai or anywhere else in the world, I don't know where, but, hey, we'll meet again. Drive carefully ya!

.mister.dison. is feeling very emotional right now, OMG, he's crying. *sad but happy*

Big hugs & some sloppy cipika-cipiki,


welliamlauw said...

Friends are friends no matter how long the distance divides you la :). You shouldn't be sad.
It's at times like this you can see whether that person are truly your friends or not.
Real friends will contact each other no matter what while fake friends died with the time goes by.

Talking about loneliness, it's kinda hard living in a foreign town all by yourself. It's not the same when you are living in your hometown with your families. No matter how much friend you had at the end you'll still feel lonely. Your friends has other activities and other social lives as well, while mostly families will get together no matter what :). Been there, done that E.

Cheer up :)

han" said...

hi there!

i just remembered that E made some note at his blog for me!

huhu! thanks E!

you know what?! i miss you so much!!!

dunno why tonite i'm getting feel mellow

miss u!!!!!