Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Poke. Poke. Your. Eyes. Out.

So, maybe some of you wonder, why on earth that this guy make lots & lots & lots of pictures of himself, doing unbelievably-completely-utterly-FAILED-poses & posted on his blog?
Definitely an attention whore lor! He's looking for some sensation or scandals to enhance his blog's traffic so then he can be some kind of an internet celebrity, that's the reason! Am I right?
What it is then? I'm making fun of myself. Make myself look so humiliating & also to make a point for some of  my friends saying that, I'm not ashamed for these pictures that I taken.
You want to show these pictures to your friends? Do it! I dare every each one of you!

For this picture above, I know you guys @slashan & @Eliz_Chen would be very pleased if I post these pictures. You know what, @slashan posted & showed the-I-am-a-cheerleader pictures to ALL OF HIS FRIENDS & @Eliz_Chen used it as her BBM profile pictures. Ow Mai Goat!
*please, stop, PLEASE STOP!! I need a therapy now, I NEED MY THERAPY!!!*
*NIGHTMARE! Heeeellllppppp..... I'm scared, for life...* 
To make these picture above EVEN WORSE than before, I give you the video of cheer-performance. Yes, this is a nightmare, NIGHTMARE!!! Don't play it if you still want to get sleep tonight.
And oh, FYI, we went totally all out at this talent show, knowing that WE WERE THE SOLE WINNER & got the price money, it was around 800 thousand. But instead, there was a twist within the committee, they changed the rules! We, instead of winning the price money for almost 1 million, only got 250 thousand Rupiah & some snack packages. WHATJEFAKKKK....

Another self-indulgent, narcissistic & attention-whore-mode-on blog post from .mister.dison.
Admit it, YOU ARE AN ATTENTION WHORE, .mister.dison., just like what @wlauw said earlier today.



whiteowl said...

mangstab tenan Ed ... you sure know how to move!!! hikikiki!!

Okit Jr said...

--keselek konde...
--menelan napas pelan pelan...

the immigayrant said...



.mister.dison. said...

@ the immigayrant: owmaigoat tyra, are you sure? i'm on your show? omg! bitch*s, watch out, because i am the next america's next top model!
*sumpah, ini org bener2 sakit jiwa kali ya, org indonesia kok berasa di amerika..*

@stephie: well thank you deary, i'm the next pussycat dolls. lol.
*org gila, berhalusinasi, kebanyakan menghirup lem aibon...mwahaha*

@okit: maapken eike, itu smua dilakukan demi uang & nama baik divisi.
*yg ada boss2 pd muntah darah pas liat*

Ling said...

4 thumbs!!!