Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ryan Rants: Blackberry - Part Deux

So, do you guys still remember my virtual friends Ryan crazy rant about the famous BlackBerry [here]? So, apparently, he has another rant about the uber-popular-device.
Here you go people! :)

Ranting about BlackBerry [link], or I call it DumbBerry for obvious reason, is such an easy thing since RIM's devices are really that bad.

One, they're fugly as hell (even their new ones look like their old ones), even after trying to re-design their devices, still they look bad (if you say no then you're either blind, have amazingly super-low taste or just a famboy/girl). 

Two, is they're really far from being "smart"-phones. They can only do what others can do better. Internet? Well, all phones, especially can do and be connected to the internet. Messaging aka BlackBerryMessenger? You gotta see, it's really not special (and also fugly). Many apps are way better than that BBM. WhatsApp messenger, for example, can do the exact same things but better (plus it doesn't use PIN, lol PIN...). E-mail? Almost all phones have push e-mail nowadays, so no, it's not special in that area too. 

Three, they're really dumb. Try connecting it to Wi-Fi, try transfering files through Bluetooth, try do a simple reset (you'll have to wait for three years tho if you do :-P), it makes everything way more complicated even for the smallest task! See the DumbBerry tablet (LOL)! You'll have to sync your DumbBerry phone with it to be able to use the basic callendar or the e-mail and stuff lol! Failed at trying to be "exclusive" and ended up being pathetic. No wonder RIM [link] is dying (they "let go" thousands of employees recently because the company is experiencing excessive suckiness). 

Four, they're as slow as a dead snail on a super glue! Anyone who ever used these things will know what I'm talking about! Last one (actually there are endless reasons why I loathe this thing, but hey let's keep this short) is they're fugly! Oh I said it? Well, it's worth mentioning again! They're uuugly! Look at the (laughable) apps! Most of em are less than 5 kilobytes because they're just links to micro mobile sites lol! It's bad folks, it is bad...

One more thing that annoys me about this CrapBerry is how people see it as a smart phone! 
It's not! 

Once I tweeted (follow me @Twittesaur for world domination ftw)... "people using DumbBerry are either lack of technological knowledge, followers or simply poor (the devices are dirt-cheap because it literally has nothing inside!)" and I wasn't joking! I honestly pitty people who are using these devices (including my wifey Yoko, she's using it for the dreaded BBM only tho). Especially those sarariman (Japanese for "office people") who are proudly using their latest dumb devices. Oh how I LOL inside.

Seriously, just today someone I know complained about her SuckBerry Torch. Her device stopped working somehow. Meh, Didn't surprise me...

You might wanna know what I'm using and comparing DumbBerry to. Well I'm using an iPhone 4 and I'm comparing DuhBerry to basically all phones (used this and that, believe me, I'm quick on the buy new stuff thing). I'm not saying that my phone doesn't have its flaws, but compared to a DumbBerry is like comparing Zeus with some cockroach's dysfunctional sperm (if they do have sperm ha!). 

The point is that people have to realize, there is nothing, not-a-thing, special with PukeBerry. Save your money and at least buy a semi-duh Android, or the iPhone (iPhone 5 will be out this October I heard, buy that!).

Take care people of Earth... *flew back to whatever-planet I came from*

Again Ry with the bitchiness, me love your opinion! :)
Thank you for the rant so I can have a blog post.


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