Thursday, December 1, 2011

mister.dison's 28th Birthday Wish List!

So, here you go, my annual birthday wishlist. This year, I'm turning 28 & all I want is to fall in love with someone! *or maybe I just need to get laid...* :)
Since I have an empty heart, let's fill it up with these materialistic-consumerism-yet-expensive-but-awfully-beautiful-handful-helpful-lust-reliever-things that I WANT for my birthday!

1. iPhone [link]. Enough said, WHO DOESN'T WANT THIS SH*T? :))
2. Amazon Kindle Fire [link]. Affordable tablet for everyday use! USD 199 only? YUP!
3. Swatch Touch [link].
4. Harry Potter: Film Wizardy Book.
5. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, part 1 & 2 original DVD, BOUGH IT OREDI! :)))))
6. The OC: Complete Season DVD package.
6. Queer As Folk: Complete Season DVD package.
7. Britney Spears: Femme Fatale CD [link].
*OK, this one, OFF THE LIST! A good blogger friend just give it to me as an early birthday gift! Thank you @Okitya* 
8. Jack's Mannequin: People & Things CD [link].
*ANOTHER WISHLIST FULFILLED! YEAH! A dear good friend of mine that went to Singapore just bought it for me, as a birthday gift! YAY!!! I literally shed a tear or two...*
9. Mat Kearney: Young Love CD [link].
10. Kings of Leon: Live at the O2 London [link].
11. Death Cab For Cutie: Live at the Mount Baker Theater [link].
*previous birthday wish list, 25th26th, 27th*

Me want it all! Anybody available? Somebody? Sugar daddy? Happy auntie? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? College? Parents? Sisters? Brothers? Anyone? :( *sad*

Happy almost-your-birthday-is-still-2-more-days mister.dison, you will be UH-MAZE-ING! Just don't smell the small stuffs, look at the bigger picture :))



Okit Jr said...

heppi birthday... (eh belom ya..)

gw mau ngasih elu wish list nomer tujuh ya...
kebetulan waktu itu gw menang di kuis @creativedisc tapi gw udah punya, jadi ada dobel gitu...
masih bungkusan kok... bahkan belom gw buka paketnya...

bukan berarti gw ngasih bekas ya...?!!
tapi daripada mubazir kaan...

kalo mau.. bbm alamat elu ye entar, otong... :D
sekali lagi selamat ulang tahuuun, disoon....!!
(eh masih belom juga ya...!!) #dikeplak

.mister.dison. said...

MAUUUUUUUUUU! Boleh bgt bokkkk! Aku mauuuuu... *terharu...*
Jd teringat bahwa DVD Queer As Folk + ANTM-nya blm kekirim sama skali... :(*
Gimana kalo gue kirim QaF-nya dulu?
Iya, belom ulang tahun-nyaaa...

Rad Sujanto said...

Oh wow bro that's a long wish list!

Good luck on your search for love :)