Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Super HIATUS part 1.

So, back to blogging world. The hiatus season this time are just, umm... way-way-way-wayyyy... too long ya? Going MIA on blogging but still on Twitter. Or Tumblr. Or Foursquare. Or Gomiso. Or GetGlue. And the list go on. :)))

Yeah, maybe my dear-now-preggy-friend Tessa [link] is right, I'm too focused on the other types of social-media & forgetting about blogger. :) Well, actually, I am focusing my self on work.

So, anything interesting happen for the last, ummm... year? Umm... gosh. Well, I guess, I got some things to be shared, especially with being between 3 jobs that I been through

First thing first, last year, I resigned from the-content-provider-company-that-I-worked-for-the-past-almost-2-years-and-become-the-last-"regime"-that-resigned without knowing whether I already got a new job or not. I was seriously out of my mind at that time, but, I did it anyway. So long Mobimax Multimedia, you've been so good to me & I learn a lot so let's move on! :)

Within the I-oh-almost-resigned-at-the-end-of-the-month-but-still-don't-have-a-new-job, I had a couple interviews though; a PR company, 2 advertising agencyies a home-video-movie-distributor & a fashion-retail company. Results: 3 company turned me down, 1 company feels-my-test-was-accepatble-and-ask-for-final-interview & 1 company hired me on the spot. Yeah, they hired me on the spot which I still don't know why, but thank God, you don't know how scared I was at that time since I can be a jobless. I guess my Hail Mary prayers works :)

So, the company that hired me on the spot was Gilang Agung Persada, a fashion retail company for various brand such as Guess (Guess Fashion, Guess by Marciano, Guess Kids, Guess Handbags, Guess footwear & Guess Accessories), GAP, Banana Republic, RAOUL, LaSENZA, Guess Watches, Gc, Victorinox Swiss Army, Rado, Chronotech, and also 2 high-end brand; Givenchy & Celine. Oh yeah people, that's A LOT of brands. I was hired as a Marketing Communication staff for RAOUL & Givenchy. :)

At first, I was like, OMG-I-work fashion-now-was-happy-&-all-that-excited, but I guess, I was wrong.


The fashion industry was not really what I expected. I feel like Betty Suarez from Ugly Betty, minus the brain & the fashion faux-pas. Yes, I was overwhelmed with the work. And I think, I didn't really fit in there. Even though I love fashion, but when you feel overwhelmed & feels like everything that you do wasn't good enough, you had to do something about it. I was pretty sad at that time because I have spend 3 months building what-I-thought-will-be my career, but it didn't work out, even though I thought I did great, it turns out, I'm not. So, I try move on.

But, there also some good things that you can get from working in fashion; you can learn a lot about fashion & the retail industry, well, almost inside & out; learning about those high-end brands *I seriously now have a good eyes on high end brands & totally in love with Givenchy!*. You also get to meet people from the fashion industry, from media, socialites & celebrities; going to the parties & events that they throw, and it was to die for! The preparation was HELL, but it was totally worth it!  Yes, the job was really an eye opener to various things & also the glamorous life :). Man, it was a BIG learning experience & I appreciate every second of it. Maybe, well, maybe, if I get another opportunity to work in another fashion industry, I will totally considering it.

So, then, another opportunity came to me after GAP; it's Leo Burnett. After various interviews from the advertising agency, finally I got accepted! Now, I can proudly say that I'm a community manager *or I can say coordinator*. Hmmm... OK, so what do you there actually?

[To Be Continued]



Arman said...

ngomongin givenchy... jaman dulu gua pernah suka banget ama parfum nya givenchy yang buat bayi! hahaha

.mister.dison. said...

@Arman: Hehehe... emg ada parfum Givenchy buat baby? :))))