Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Lurik" for Everyday Wear in Jakarta.

The not-so-today's outfit but still uber trendy *IMO*, The famous Javanese Lurik. Bought in Yogyakarta for only 35.000 IDR, cheap-cheap-cheap!

So, what is lurik anyways? Lurik is the striped cloth of the jackets worn by Keraton (palace) officials in both Yogya and Solo, was once fervently handwoven in villages throughout Java.

OK, maybe you guys are asking what's with the Lurik? Is it a costume for Halloween? Or what? :p I actually wear this thing as a jacket. Why? Because it's warm & looks fashionably-epic-retro-ish. LOL.

More reading about Lurik,
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Need to buy more of these lurik, anybody going to Yogyakarta or Solo? :)


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