Monday, November 19, 2012

Shinkenger Obessed. Quickie Blogging of the Day.

OK, this may sound totally embarrassing, but I love Super Sentai *or Power Rangers you may say it*. Been watching it for the past 20 years & still enjoyed it until now.

My latest obsession is Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, the 33rd entry of the Super Sentai series. IMO, Shinkenger has one of the best drama & plot twist. The story was pretty dark & can appeal for the mature audience. Heck, they even has the 1st ever female Red Ranger.
And yes, the American counterpart is Power Ranger Samurai, which IMO a bit sucky for the super-stiff-acting performance by the actors, but have a decent storyline & different costumes + gadgets with the Japanese counterpart.

Well anyways, these are some Instagram pictures regarding my obsession of the Japanese tokusatsu. :p

*used Photogrid to create this uber kewl Shinkenger helmet wallpaper* 

*look what I found in Kidz Station Kelapa Gading, Shinkenger plush toys! Me likey! 129000 IDR*

*hell yeah to still playing Nintendo DS!*

*last but not least, Shinken Green for my Android phone wallpaper*

For more information about Super Sentai, click here for the Wikipedia page & it's very comprehensive I must say. Also, you can click here for The Morphin' Grid, and here for Super Sentai Database.


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