Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Been working all day long & now I'm so longing for a what-so-called holiday. :))) But, instead of buying a super expensive ticket out of the country, let's go back to April 2012, when I *recklessly* bought an Air Asia ticket to Singapore. WOHOOOOOOOOO.....

People are asking why Singapore again? Do you go & meet someone there? A significant other? Yeah right. :|  I dunno ya, but I just enjoyed Singapore so much. Cheap plane tickets but expensive hotel accommodation. Maybe next time, take hostel instead of hotel ya. :p

Well anyways, went there with Ms. Bee & Nipenk, and it was super fun, minus the influenza + high fever that I got. I guess, since I was a bit sick & super tired from work, that high fever was inevitable. :p

Destination places & highlights: Airport, MRT ride, Marina Bay Sands, expensive prawn noodles, taxi ride, Fragrance Hotel - Riverside Clarke Quay, Ya Kun Kaya Toast for breakfast, Universal Studios Singapore *Transformers Ride + Battlestar Galactica Ride are EPIC!!!*, pork noodle under ION *superdelisioooo*, Orchard Rd. + H&M, got lost looking for that random-high-class-apartement, Mustafa *oleh-olehhhhh...*, HIGH FEVER + MASUK ANGIN, Ms. Bee & Nipenk go home early, hotel check-out, Subway sandwich, @SoniaJusuf meet-up, Twilight & Iron Man DVD, INGUS-BELERAN...., VivoCity + Gong Cha, Orchard Rd. *again, minus the es potong*, Bugis, MRT ride, Changi Airport, delayed flight for almost 4 hours, Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

*looking for cheap flights to Singapore, again...* :D