Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stardom Hollywood! Obsessed much? :D


I got a new game that I played through my iPhone 4, STARDOM: HOLLYWOOD. Say what? *woot woot*

SO, Stardom: Hollywood is a casual game created by Glu Games Inc. and Blammo Games Inc. for iOS, Android, and Mac OSX. It can be downloaded from the iOS App Store, Google Play Store,and Mac App Store for free and played on iOS 4.3+, Android 2.3+, and OSX 10.7+. It's fun because you can create a character, style them & go on quest to become an A-Lister in Hollywood. You can work as a an actor or model, buy a house, date with other people & even married. *sssst.... my character actually got married in the game, to a guy named Anthony, a tattooed dietitian... yup, with all the wedding ceremonies & white tux!*
Well anyways, along the game, I like to dress my character, and this is his 7 days of Hollywood fashion styling. Looks nice, right? 😝 
So, I rarely change my character's hair style or colour, mostly black or brown, but having thoughts of going legally blonde. 😄 Let's see in a couple of weeks what am I going to do to him!
In the fashion department, I dress him up with casual shirts, long or short handed with basic or dark colours; usually mix-it-up with khakis, jeans or colourful pants plus sneakers. I sometimes Mix-&-matching him with varsity jacket with shorts which makes a good combination too. Or a preppy look with loafers, boots or sneakers? YAY! GOT SO MUCH STYLE THAT I CAN DO!!! Just gimme more money to get it all!!!!
Just one step away of becoming a (ala-ala) fashion stylist? Well, a guy can dream toh?


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