Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stardom Hollywood! Obsessed much? :D


I got a new game that I played through my iPhone 4, STARDOM: HOLLYWOOD. Say what? *woot woot*

SO, Stardom: Hollywood is a casual game created by Glu Games Inc. and Blammo Games Inc. for iOS, Android, and Mac OSX. It can be downloaded from the iOS App Store, Google Play Store,and Mac App Store for free and played on iOS 4.3+, Android 2.3+, and OSX 10.7+. It's fun because you can create a character, style them & go on quest to become an A-Lister in Hollywood. You can work as a an actor or model, buy a house, date with other people & even married. *sssst.... my character actually got married in the game, to a guy named Anthony, a tattooed dietitian... yup, with all the wedding ceremonies & white tux!*
Well anyways, along the game, I like to dress my character, and this is his 7 days of Hollywood fashion styling. Looks nice, right? 😝 
So, I rarely change my character's hair style or colour, mostly black or brown, but having thoughts of going legally blonde. 😄 Let's see in a couple of weeks what am I going to do to him!
In the fashion department, I dress him up with casual shirts, long or short handed with basic or dark colours; usually mix-it-up with khakis, jeans or colourful pants plus sneakers. I sometimes Mix-&-matching him with varsity jacket with shorts which makes a good combination too. Or a preppy look with loafers, boots or sneakers? YAY! GOT SO MUCH STYLE THAT I CAN DO!!! Just gimme more money to get it all!!!!
Just one step away of becoming a (ala-ala) fashion stylist? Well, a guy can dream toh?


Sunday, May 11, 2014

That-Dinner-Thing, as told by a Brondong.

So, this happen not so long ago.

"Econ, kok lo gak makan malam? Kenapa? Gak laper?"

"Gue mengurangi aja, agak buncit soale. Apalagi kalo mau jualan di lapak, suka gak digubris gara-gara gemuk, ya lo tau kan betapa superficial & very body conscious banget bancik-bancik ini... Lo gemuk, gak digubris..."

"Hmmm... Artinya lo juga bancik yang superficial & very body conscious dong? Buktinya lo mikirin itu & malah membuat lo jadi rendah diri sendiri..."

SHOOT! Ini brondong bener juga ye, why we should be bother with that right? Kita harus belajar mencintai diri sendiri & pede aja lah...

Ya penampilan emang penting, tapi hati (harta & titit) juga penting... EHHH... :D
Well, just like what RuPaul said,
"If you can't love yourself, HOW IN THE HELL you gonna love somebody else? CAN I GET AN AMEN UP IN HERE??"

It's another life lesson from RuPaul's Drag Race. OBSESSED MUCH?


Friday, May 9, 2014


There are days when I don't look that slick.
There are days when I don't even understand WTF happen.
There are days when I feel like I'm in the dark era of miserable-ness.

Seriously dude.



Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Unlucky In Love.

Let me just say that, it ended before it even started. 😥
And I’m pretty bummed about it.

Well I know, we never had something exclusive or whatsoever, heck, we even haven’t met in person yet, but yeah, I already put some expectation & different scenarios in my head, which always leads into disappointment.

Stupid? Well I guess, I am. For the couple hundred times.

So, I guess it’s true though,
Don’t blame people for disappointing you, blame yourself for expecting too much from them..

 *pic courtesy of Someecards.com*

 Edison Vincentius, (always) unlucky in the love-&-relationship department.

*Econ, deramah ih!*
*but I AM sad, so pretty please?*


Monday, May 5, 2014

Girl, REALLY? 5G's please. Good God, Get A Grip Girl.

"Just get yourself some manners, so you don't look so damn STUPID."

And yeah, this is for you the-one-who-WAS-a-friend-of-mine, YOU DON'T FUCKING COME OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE & ADDED ME BACK AS YOUR FRIEND ON PATH.

"Girl, REALLY? 5G's please. Good God, Get A Grip Girl."
~Latrice Royale~
Edison Vincentius, 30, with his RuPaul's Drag Race's life lesson.

Friday, May 2, 2014

PATH o' PATH, Y U... :D

So, these are 2 updates that I post on Path & Tumblr about the the type of people you meet (or be friends with) on the latest social media app, PATH.

*PATH, just went cray cray on their quota of friends, from 150 to 500, WTF.*

Hmmm… Kok jadi ada orang-orang yang menyebalkan di Path gue ya… 

Yang satu isi postingannya OVER-THE-TOP padahal sebenarnya kejadiannya biasa aja *Power Bottom padahalnya…*. Awalnya lucu, sekarang malah jadi nyebelin ya…

Yang satu hipokrit abis, ratu selfie sejagat Path, ehhh… Ngomel karena ada temennya yang keseringan selfie. Nyadar woy… Mau gue bikinin tabulasinya seberapa banyak lo selfie? Iya deh lo cantik & banyak barang mewah tapi…. Uhuk.

Dan gue jadi passive aggressive cuma berani ngomong di belakang tapi gak berani ngomong langsung, lebih random & hipokrit banget gak sih… Econ oh Econ, kau lebih hina…


*continue on a whatsapp chat with a friend...*

"Jadi Con, orang-orang nyebelin di Path lo mau lo unshare dong?"
"Lho, kenapa?"
"Kalo mereka gue unshare, gue bakal kehabisan bahan buat cibiran dong… Gak bisa pasif agresif lagi karena isi Path jadi adem ayem… Gue butuh hina-dina-murka itu, kalo gak kemampuan sarkastik gue bisa jadi tumpul…"
"Dasar lo Con, bancik lebay…"
"Heh, situ bancik kepoh…"
"Ya kita saling mengisi deh…"
"Fine, bitch! :D"

And then, WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THIS POST, Edison Vincentius??


Friday, March 7, 2014

It's-A-SHOES/Feet-Fetish-Thing! :D

Shoes. Sandals. Bare feet. Places to go.


*shamelessly foot fetish mode... LMAO!*


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Push It a Little! DARN IT!

Another writing in Indonesian. I'm just too lazy to translate it in English. Sue me then! :D

Kadang-kadang gue bingung juga ya, gue yang olah raganya jaraaang banget, gak ngegym, gak lari, tapi jarang jatuh sakit, ya well palingan flu-flu dikit tapi gak sampek harus ke dokter, tidur yang cukup aja & I’ll be OK.

Ehhh… Ini ada beberapa orang temen gue yang rajin banget olah raga, ngegym segala macem tapi malah gampang banget jatuh sakit. Dikit-dikit sakit kepala, dikit-dikit flu, dikit-dikit ini itu….

Well, not trying to compared myself with others sih, I had my own fair share of bitchy-complaining-moment-cause-I’m-sick-I’m-allowed-to-complain, dan emang setiap orang punya batas-batasnya sendiri sih (belum lagi sama yang namanya immune system orang-orang yang berbeda) tapi ya pushing yourself a little wouldn’t kill you kok. *giving eye-rolling-moment* *just-saying*

What I learned for these past years of working & life, I complained A LOT it annoyed the hell out of people, and I don’t even realized that I’m complaining. So, I’m sorry for being such an asshole about it & promised to be a better person… *jadi ngalor ngidul deh…*

Anyways, back to topic, iya, yang lebih sering ngegym & berolahraga, malah lebih gampang jatuh sakit daripada gue, what the fuck banget… :D

*terus karena gue jarang sakit, sekalinya jatuh sakit, langsung mati kali ye…. AMIT-AMIT DEH… knock-on-wood!*
*bad joke, Econ… Bad joke…*
*ini postingan gak ada arahnya yak…*

Total rambling with some meaning? :D


Saturday, March 1, 2014


So you have a rough & tiring day at the office.

I know, complaining won't solve any problem, but wouldn't it be nice if you have someone that will be there for you? Yes, be there for YOU.

Well, am not trying to be a "princess" or some kind of "SoaB" that demands everything, but having someone to comfort you can make you feel better, in-a-way.

Hoping this is not just another wishful thinking of me being so helplessly hopelessly romantic. :)



Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Overthink Things & I Dunno Why.


I overthink things.
I always did that.
Why is that?
I dunno.

What can't I just say it to you that I like you? Instead of playing scenarios that never ends well.
It's just like pulling off the band-aid, quick & hard, but less pain because you got nothing to lose.
*Well, maybe, just your friendship, it could turn very awkward*