[About the Blog & .mister.dison.]

.the.mister.dison.chronicles. is just another blog you can found on the net. It's maintained by an Indonesian guy named Edison who lives in Kelapa Gading - North Jakarta.

Yes, the blog is very light-hearted because basically it's just an online diary of Edison's not-so-fabulous-sometimes-boring-&-pathetic-life. :)

Just like any other blogger, Edison or we should call him .mister.dison. likes to b*tch out about his life, so they will be a large number of postings where he rants, babble or maybe some totally random stuff that catches his attention.

.mister.dison. enjoys pop culture so much, that's why music-movies-tv-series-books-comics-fashion-and-gossips are his life & passion (oh yes, Wikipedia Google are two of his best friends). Besides blogging, he also enjoys tweeting, tumblr-ing & pinterest-ing, and also messenger-ing. A total-social-media-whore-in-the-making. :)

There will be a slightly problem with updating the blog, since .mister.dison. is so "busy" with work & well, life. LOL. But, he always try his best to blog every once a week or two.

So, there you go, a little something that you should know about Edison, oops, .mister.dison.'s blog. Hope you can enjoy it. :) And yeah, please, leave some comment or question or whatsoever, he will try to reply it as soon as possible.
Thank YOU!